Pittsburgh Shooting At Synagogue By Robert Bowers: Crazy Racist White Guy Who Hates Jews

Pittsburgh Shooting At Tree Of Life Synagogue By Robert Bowers, a crazy racist white guy who hates jews. Came in and shot 12 people; 6 are dead. This has to stop.

TV and social media are dominated by the news that a man a crazy white guy who hates jewish brothers and sisters (and my last name is jewish) who’s now in police custody (a term that’s too much a standard part of news these days) decided to take a gun into a place of worship and kill people.

The President Of The United States, Donald Trump, made a statement that was just plain off, saying that “if there was protection in the synagogue, the outcome may have been different.” That’s nuts. Period.

The fact is, had the man not had a gun, he would not have been as empowered to walk in and kill people. Take the guns away and the problem goes away: simple.

And on the matter of racism, that’s the ultimate mental illness. It must be treated.

And this comes one day after Cesar Alteri was arrested for being a crazy racist white supremacist guy who took his issues to a point of making and distributing mail bombs – and it turns out he’s a Trump supporter.

Stay tuned.

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