I Took 4 Doses Of Covid 19 Vaccine Between Feb 2021 And Oct 2021 – Here’s The Impact On Me – Part 3

Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine 4th Dose This Year Had Wild Side Effect On Me

A lot of online content has been produced about the COVID-19 vaccines and their side effects. But, I am certain that we don’t know how these new drugs fully impact our bodies and not so much for worse but also for better. The reason I state that is what has happened to me. I am Zennie Abraham.

As a Kaiser Permanente client, I, along with my great Mom I am here in Georgia to keep the company of, and millions of others, lined up to take the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine just after the start of this year, 2021. Here’s my Zennie62 YouTube video-blogs, or as we call them “vlogs”, of the two times we did it. This was 8 months ago:

This was the second dose:

After that, time went by and my Mom and I began to become concerned that, rather than go away, COVID-19 was evolving into what we new know as “variants” – some more dangerous than the first one.

Personally, I always believed that COVID-19 was being transferred in the air, and not so much on surfaces. The reason I believed that stemmed from my experience in March of 2020 at the Kaiser Permanente Southwood Medical Center. An experience I shared via vlog, here, where I was there to take my Mom to get her medicine:

As I note in the vlog, on March 18th, 2020, and at the on-set of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Kaiser employees were wearing masks, but they were not at all asking us to have our own masks or liberally giving them out at the time – even though they had them. In fact, during that visit, I went to ask for one from a receptionist and she rudely told me that they were reserved for people who were already sick. Well, as you can see in the vlog, Kaiser employees obviously were not sick and yet were wearing them.

Then, on the way home and as we settled in, I got real sick and fast. A fever and temperature and weakness. I took a cache of cold medicines to cause me to sleep and sweat whatever was in me, out. Was it COVID-19-related? Not sure as I managed to get better thanks to flu medicine and hibiscus tea, and stool softner to get all of the sickness or whatever was going on, out of my system. And let’s not forget chicken soup and an apple or two – and a lot of sleep. But, I could not forget the feeling that there was something in the air at Kaiser that hit me and that if I had a mask, I may not have caught whatever it was.

At that time, Kaiser Georgia has closed its other centers and directed people to a few places to get their medications, including Kaiser Southwood. So, Kaiser was basically cramming a lot of us into a place not normally designed to take that flow of people. And on top of that, Kaiser people were given masks and we were not. Talk about a scenario for sickness!

On top of that, no one really knew where the COVID-19 vaccine came from. I was personally not buying the whole bats in a market explanation and because of my Kaiser experience. Given they had on masks and we did not, I wondered what Kaiser knew that we did not know? My curiosity was increased when Kaiser contacted YouTube to have the video you just saw taken down. Not kidding. They claimed “invasion of privacy” but as you can see, that was complete bullcrap – YouTube wasn’t buying it.

I was also taken by the fact that we were never told what kinds of food to eat or what to drink to help fight COVID-19. At the time we were just told to wait for a vaccine and we had President Trump acting like there was nothing wrong. Meanwhile, the United States Senate had classified meetings on COVID-19. Why were they kept secret on the orders of the Trump White House?

And what were four Senators told at one of these January classified meetings that caused them to sell their stock right after the event?

Fortune reported:

Senator Richard Burr, a Republican from North Carolina, and Kelly Loeffler, a Republican from Georgia, both completed their sales at a time when the Trump administration and GOP leaders were downplaying the potential damage the virus might cause in the U.S. and before drastic stock-market plunges set off by the pandemic. Two other members of the Intelligence Committee, Senator Dianne Feinstein, a Democrat from California, and Senator James Inhofe, an Oklahoma Republican, also sold stock after the briefings, according to financial records.

Fortune March 20th, 2020.

So, all of those events came together to cause my Mom and I to ask Kaiser about the booster shot that was talked about. No date was sent.

Meanwhile, the vaccine was being made and given out, even though a good portion of America wasn’t taking it. I thought Mom and I should have that extra dose. So, As Mom called Kaiser and got the run-around as I explained, I happened to see that a Facebook friend of mine got what that person called a booster. Well, when I asked my friend said that Walgreens was giving out the shots and that person signed up as if they did not have a vaccine shot before. So, that is what I did for my Mom and I.

We got the third shot, and signed up for what would have been the second shot for that visit. Mom said she did not want what would have been a 4th shot for her. She was concerned that four was too much. I, on the other hand, pressed on with getting it, and on my Mom’s birthday, October 1st, got that 4th Pfizer shot – eight months later after the first two doses.

What happened after that was strange.

A few minutes after the 4th shot, and when I sat down, I got a hot-flash. Then, after getting home and having birthday dinner with Mom, I started to feel anxious. So, I had hibiscus tea and something called “High Blood Pressure” tea to calm myself. It worked. The next day, Saturday, I had a kind of tingle-feeling all over my body. Not severe. Then, that night, again, I started to feel anxious. At my Mom’s suggestion, I took my blood pressure. It was 202 / 85.

She wanted to take me to the emergency clinic, but I had another idea: the same hibiscus tea and something called “High Blood Pressure” tea. We added a pill to reduce blood pressure called Losartan. The combination dropped my blood pressure from 202 to 150 in 20 minutes.

That Sunday, I woke up and was normal, but with a twist: an ease of movement I thought I had lost forever.

One problem I have faced was that my hips were sore and on my doctors visit in February, learned that they were worn down and in need of replacement. I was given a medication to ease the pain of just walking and moving. My doctor told me to try it for a few months and if that did not help, then replacing the hips was the next phase. As an athletic man, all of that was rather unnerving. We all love being young in body and mind, so aging is not something all of us deal with gracefully. That’s true for me.

It was hard to even put my pants on and the idea of putting them on one-leg at a time standing was gone. And the Pandemic caused me to basically not go to the gym, anymore. I had my membership, but the fear of catching COVID-19 over-rode my workout desires. Plus, I was building and am building ZENNIE62MEDIA, so I was focused on that and client work associated with it. My muscles were not getting used much at all compared to pre-pandemic times. So, overall, I was adjusting to a life with a body hampered by arthritis pain.

That pain dropped by 90 percent that Sunday. Indeed, the drop happened gradually before the 4th shot, but that one triggered something. I told a friend about it, who swore that the shot activated stem cells and caused some kind of repair job on my hip area. She said to not tell anyone until I saw a doctor, or people would not believe it. I thought that I needed to share the news of my movement and the best way was by video.

My Kaiser doctors know of the situation and how I was moving, or not, and so I need to show them what happened. For example, I could not walk for long periods just helping my Mom grocery shop. After four or five minutes, I went back to the car to sit and then pick her up. I could not walk briskly to the mail box on our property. I would eat edible green tea to ease my pain and take my meds. I also made special teas to fight COVID-19, specifically this one:

And to which I modified, as shown here:

Plus, we were eating Peel-A-Pound Soup to get a real good shot of veggies and drop weight:

So, all of that had helped me cope with COVID-19 and also my arthritis pain. But what happened after my 4th dose I had to vlog about. And so, on October 6th, 2020, I did:

And remember my problems just helping my Mom shopping? Well, check this out:

And I had given up on the idea of running because it hurt. Not even jogging was something I did – weird for me, but the new normal. Well, check this out:

Yeah, I can jog now.

I Can’t See Anything Else That Caused This To Happen Other Than The Vaccine And God, But What Is It Doing?

In closing, there’s no other change to my life that would have caused this. I am set for a Kaiser doctors appointment to start the process of determining what’s happening and why. But I feel like I am suddenly ten years younger. Now, I still have the pain but at 10 percent of what it was. I am careful not to over-tax my body because I like being able to move. I can put my pants on one leg at a time, standing up, again.

So, something about this COVID-19 Vaccine is not being told to us. I suppose we’re not supposed to have it four times in one year. Remember, that’s how I got to where I am. But now that I am here, I want folks to know and ask questions about this.

More soon and stay tuned for updates to this post.

Thanks for reading. Please share my story.

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