Peter Liu The Oakland Mayoral Race Candidate Who Was Pro Gun, Anti-Gay In 2014, Is Back To Run In 2018

In this update, Peter Liu tweets blacks who vote for Obama are “Low IQ”. I guess that includes this author.

Just when the Oakland Mayoral Race was looking to be a bit less exciting after Oakland At-Large Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan backed away from running in a tag-team with Cat Brooks, by, instead, only announcing she was backing Brooks last Thursday, it all just became interesting again, because now, we have Peter Liu.

Yep, the same now former California Guebenatorial Candidate Peter Liu who put out this song to announce his run for Governor:

If you’re saying “Peter Liu, who’s that?” it’s a good chance you didn’t know he ran for Governor of California this year, and your’re one of those many thousands who are new to Oakland, and came after the 2014 Oakland Mayor’s Race that put then-District Four Councilmember Libby Schaaf into the office as the 50th Mayor of Oakland.

That 2014 Oakland Mayoral Race had 15 active candidates who signed up with the City of Oakland and who’s names and filings were registered with the Oakland City Clerk Latonda Simmons’ Office, and with the Oakland Public Ethics Commission.

Peter Liu was one of those names, and as a note, Einstein The Dog, who some media types wrote was a candidates, was not one of those names.

Peter Liu went on to be the most controversial candidate who ever ran for Mayor of Oakland in the 21st Century. Fond of posting photos of himself with a gun (and used a gun turned to form the “L” in Liu as part of his logo for the Governor’s Race), Peter, at the time in 2014, believed that being gay was a sin, and that Oakland was becoming like San Francisco, full of sinners. He was deliberately combative back then, chosing to pick verbal fights with other candidates via email.

Peter, and the Oakland Mayoral Race of 2014, were made nationally famous via Jimmy Kimmel, who made fun of Liu’s, shall we say, interesting take on kids and the internet, writing in response to a question “The lesson here is this: when your son says ‘Mommy, Daddy, I need internet access for homework.’ This really translates to: ‘I am gonna masturbate online while my parents at work yo.’ That got twisted such that people believed he was saying that about himself.

It’s a wonder Peter didn’t make Saturday Night Live back then. Does anyone remember how Jimmy Kimmel floated the fictitious name of Seth Widner for Mayor of Oakland, back then? I do.

Is Peter Liu Right For These Trumpian Times?

During the 2014 Race, and on Setember 17th 2014, Peter sent an email to a large list of people which read, as follows, like this:

To the leaders of Oakland,

Despite our differences, I want to acknowledge to you the seriousness and the dangers of terrorism activity that will happen in the Bay Area and the task the future leaders must take on to counter these activities. I was not merely a journalist for the U.S. Army, but a soldier on the battlefield who killed terrorists dressed as civilians. They would approach you like civilians at day or night to get their approximate 200 ~ 300 feet range and they will shoot at you.  They will put dead animals on the road with cavities filled with home made explosives to stop convoys and remotely detonate it. They filled cars, trucks, buses with unsuspecting passengers loaded with bombs. These war photos are from the war on terrorism a decade ago. Since then, these terrorists became much more sophisticated.

These are steps that must be taken to make properly respond to terrorist activity.

1. Armed the good citizens and legal residents as granted by the 2nd Amendment. This is public safety measure. If we don’t have this, then we’ll end up like Nigerians towns being slaughtered like sheep by Boko Haram.
2. The city establish a local militia. Each police set up a neighborhood watch with 7~25 men/women. This is necessary to counter armed teams of terrorist who does drive by shootings.  This would absolutely discourage violent riots as there would be up to 4,000+ men to act upon a moments notice to defend the city.
3. Surveillance at intersections of the streets to properly track vehicles engaged in terrorism or crime accessible to the public.  For example, if a squad of terrorists killed people, we need to track the vehicles as it speeds to different locations in the city.

Without these measures in place. There will be no chance that the Oakland Police or Alameda Sheriff can stop a terrorist attack until the enemy runs of ammunition/explosives, then they fight with machetes. These terrorists are seeking death, they are suicidal and they will do the maximum damage they can until death.

And now, that we have Donald Trump as POTUS, and a giant discussion about the need for gun control that has brought Second Amendment defenders out of the wood-work, as well as a level of extreme right-wing activity that didn’t exist to as great a degree anywhere in 2014, I wonder how Peter’s act will play in Oakland, this time around?

One thing’s for sure: no discussion of Peter Liu will, at this point, focus on how to run the City of Oakland, and that’s sad.

All I can say to Oaklanders, particularly new ones, is buckle up!

Here’s the full Zennie62 on YouTube Peter Liu video playlist covering 2014 to this year:

Stay tuned.

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