Peter Liu, Oakland Mayoral Election Candidate, Says Soda Tax Money Should Go For Sex Toys


Oakland News Now – Peter Liu, Oakland Mayoral Election Candidate, Says Soda Tax Money Should Go For Sex Toys

On September 7th, a group or person with a Twitter account called “Oakland Food Policy” asked this question and tagged all of the candidates in the Oakland Mayoral Election: “Hey mayoral candidates, how would YOU like to see Oakland’s soda tax funds spent?”

Of the responses, some were well-considered like that of Marchon Tatmon, who tweeted “Social/ healthy eating programs- and outdoor after school activities to keep our youngsters active, off of video games and away from trouble. Also lets invest in the future of our youth…. The time is now!!!”

But Peter Liu, who already upset many with his overt racist tweets against blacks in Oakland (and who should not be in the Mayoral election in this vlogger’s view) went into his tried and true “maybe this will get me on Jimmy Kimmel again” reach for outrageous comments referring to sex.

This is what Peter Liu tweeted: “Keeping them hooked on video games will surely keep them away from trouble. PS4 and Xbox kept many thugs safe at home in VR. Everybody should play video games. Soda tax funds should be spent on public gaming internet cafés and sex toys ”

Peter Liu says Soda Tax should be spent on something else..
Peter Liu says Soda Tax should be spent on something else..

So Peter Liu things the soda tax revenue should be used to buy sex toys.

And the League of Women Voters wants him at its Oakland Mayor’s Race Candidate’s Forum.


This vlogger’s view is that the League of Women Voters should show some respect for Oakland and keep Peter Liu out of the candidate’s forum.

If Oakland intends to send a collective message against racism, the Oakland League of Women Voters should not give voice to racists.

That’s this vlogger’s view.

UPDATE: A candidate in the Oakland Mayoral Race called to ask why “light was being given to this guy?” I reminded the candidate that Peter Liu is a legitimate candidate for Mayor of Oakland – the current Oakland elections system allowed this to happen. The system gave him the platform, he has it. The media should call him out in the same way it gave coverage to a dog who wasn’t even a true candidate in the 2014 Oakland Mayoral Election. Not mentioning Peter Liu’s very seriously anti-social behavior while he holds the true position of candidate who could become Mayor of Oakland damages the political integrity of Oakland. I, for one, say we should not allow that.

Stay tuned.

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