Peter Liu, Oakland Mayoral Election, And The Oakland Hate Crime Law

Oakland News Now – Did Oakland Mayoral Election Candidate Peter Liu violate Oakland Hate Crime Law? This vlogger says yes. For details Visit Oakland News Now at OaklandNewsNow.com and search for “Peter Liu.”

The Oakland Hate Crime Law was established as a result of race-base harassment that happened to persons of Middle Eastern decent in Oakland and in America after September 11th. Thus, the introduction to the law, written by the Oakland City Attorney’s Office under John Russo in 2001, went like this:

In the aftermath of the brutal and devastating attacks of September 11th, city leaders
vowed that Oakland—a community proud of its rich diversity—would not tolerate
discrimination, hatred or racial divisiveness. Nevertheless, since September 11th several Oakland residents have complained that they have been subjected to harassment, intimidation, threats, and other forms of illegal discrimination. Their concern is that they are being targeted because they are thought to be of Middle Eastern ancestry. Many of our residents and business owners have expressed similar concern that they will be subjected to danger and discrimination as U.S. military intervention continues in Afghanistan.

In response, the Office of the City Attorney has developed a campaign to punish those
who commit hate crimes. The approach is unique: Oakland is the first city in the state to
use California civil code sections 52 and 52.1 to sue on behalf of our residents who
have been victimized by a hate crime as a violation of state and federal civil rights laws. Under these provisions, the City Attorney may obtain civil penalties of $25,000 for each incident plus attorney’s fees.

Under California law, hate crimes are acts of violence, threats or intimidation toward any
person on the basis of their race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, political
affiliation, sex, sexual orientation,age, disability, position in a labor dispute, or because another person perceives them to have one or more of these characteristics.

In an August 18th 2018 tweet, Peter Liu expressed the idea that “not all” African American in Oakland were violent or prone to commit crimes, but said that enough of us were such that other Oaklanders should be “armed and vigilant.” He did not take the tweet down, and it’s referenced in this post here at Oakland News Now.

This blogger asserts that Liu has violated the Oakland Hate Crime Law, and has done so on on a consistent basis.

Stay tuned.

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