Peter Liu Oakland Mayoral Candidate Racist Tweets On Day Of Pittsburgh Shooting

Peter Liu, who’s been allowed to run for Mayor for the second time, has showed he’s using his Oakland Mayoral Candidate platform for no other reason than to completely piss off and upset people in Oakland via racist behavior on social media.

On this Saturday, October 27th, a day of national mourning in the wake of the deaths of 11 and six wounded at the gun of anti-Semetic Robert Bowers in Pittsburgh, Liu elected to take to Twitter and make tweet after tweet insulting to blacks in Oakland, and in particular the pair of Oaklanders who decided to respond to him: Tonya Love and John Jones III.

Liu did this even though, by Liu’s own tweet, Twitter had restricted his account because of what it called “abusive behavior.” Have a read:

One would think such an action by Twitter would send the kind of message to Mr. Liu the City of Oakland has been reluctant to deliver, but no.

On Saturday, Mr. Liu essentially went off about blacks in Oakland, and just as news of the events in the Pittsburgh Shooting was spreading. And remember, this Man is an official candidate for Mayor of Oakland. That means the City of Oakland has given backing to his behavior, and enabled it.

Much as organizations like East Bay Housing Organizations (EBHO) have not:

Still, Liu pressed on through the Mail Bomber and the Pittsburgh Shooting…

Liu insensitively advocated for the right to use guns as many were sobbing over the Pittsburgh Shootings:

Then, there was this:

And Peter Liu encouraging Asians in Oakland to take up arms against African Americans – a running sick theme of his:

John Jones III Agrees To Meet With Peter Liu Which Is A Bad Idea

John Jones III, who’s become a legendary figure in Oakland Politics as Director of Community and Political Engagement for the East Oakland Black Cultural Zone, worked out a plan to meet with Peter. Here’s the tweet from Mr. Liu:

Then, Jones responded..

Which, I think, is a very bad idea without the help and mediation of the Oakland Police Department. Peter Liu is not a leader of Oakland’s Asian Community. John Jones’ meeting with him only gives power to his Liu’s agenda that there’s something wrong with the black community and he can straighten it out – with violence, it seems.

I told John on Twitter that I’d forget meeting up with Peter. What could I learn except how fumes from what has to be glue-sniffing could cause racist brain waves?

Peter Liu Does His Racist Social Media Message Because He’s A Candidate For Mayor Of Oakland

If you look at his messages on social media, especially Twitter, it’s hard to conclude that but for being allowed to run for Mayor of Oakland, Liu would be less likely to issue racist takes.

What I find puzzling is the City Of Oakland regulations regarding a campaign statement, read as follows: “The City Clerk shall reject any statement which includes any of the matters prohibited by general law or which contains any reference whatsoever to any partisan political party or organization including membership or activity therein, or endorsement thereby.”

Yet, Peter Liu, a candidate for Mayor, consistently uses social media to issue statements that reflect “reference whatsoever to any partisan political party or organization including membership or activity therein”. This looks like a kind of loophole that needs to be closed in some way.

However, Liu’s social media actions may explain why his campaign statement was removed from public view by The Oakland City Clerk’s Office. And I know about that because Peter himself tweeted about it:

Peter Liu Should Be Taken Seriously By All Who Care About Oakland

There are some who believe that Peter should just be ignored and he would go away. Those Oaklanders just don’t understand the power of the political bully pulpit that is simply being tagged with “Candidate for the Office Of Mayor Of Oakland.”

It doesn’t matter that Peter has what someone tweeted was a “snowball’s chance in hell” of winning, it’s the fact that he’s given power to think of his ideas as policy solutions, rather than anti-social actions. Like taking up arms against blacks in Oakland.

How far does Liu have to go before we see the danger of the path we’ve created for him in Oakland? How many other persons doing racist social media messages and then harming people do we have to have before we take steps to curb Peter’s behavior and talk to him in the hopes that he sees the error of his ways.

To me, Peter Liu represents how Oakland has failed to truly embrace implementing a true diversity policy. Too many of us act as if Oakland’s just ‘gonna be diverse and lit’ rather than making sure Oakland’s diverse and lit. A line in the sand as been drawn by Peter Liu and he’s daring Oakland to cross it.

So far, the City seems afraid to do so.

If we in Oakland don’t take action, Liu or someone like him will think they can run roughshod over our sensibilities, and be emboldened to take harmful actions on social media, and perhaps in Oakland society, too.

Stay tuned.

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