On Youth vs Apocalypse And The Difference Between Lobbying And Bullying

(Last Updated On: June 21, 2019)

On Youth vs Apocalypse And The Difference Between Lobbying And Bullying

ONN – On Youth vs Apocalypse And The Difference Between Lobbying And Bullying

Earlier, this ger produced a traditional blog post that was a critique of the strategy and tactics of the non profit called Youth vs Apocalypse.

In short, I contend that the adults in charge of it should be teaching the young teens how to lobby for their cause, not bully people they perceive as against it.

Since I realize that some people “cherrypicked” my blog post, and failed to , or did not want to, understand my point, I made this . I never questioned the young people’s belief in their cause, I questioned the approach the adults had them learn: to bully and intimidate.

That is wrong.

All the students are doing is upsetting people, and in the case of Senator Diane Feinstein, the wrong people. Moreover, the effectiveness of the Youth vs. Apocalypse approach is questionable, and has been questioned.

The Youth vs Apocalypse students can be agents for change by learning how to design effective legislation and how to get votes for it. They can be partners with industry and help make scientific analysis that can be applied to industry. In short, they can learn to be effective lobbyists at a young age.

In taking this approach, the kids will find themselves with internships with companies and offers to pay college tuitions. Those outcomes will set the Youth vs Apocalypse students on a positive course toward the future.

Stay tuned.

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