On Trump, Hypocrisy, Racism And Multiple Account Lies Behind The Zennie62 Twitter Account Suspension

On Trump, Hypocrisy And Racism Behind The Zennie62 Twitter Account Suspension
(Last Updated On: January 27, 2020)

On Trump, Hypocrisy, Racism And Multiple Account Lies Behind The Zennie62 Twitter Account Suspension


ONN – On Trump, Hypocrisy, Racism And Multiple Account Lies Behind The Account Suspension

This hilarious news is brought to you courtesy of the letters “T,”H”,”R”, and “M” for Trump, Hypocrisy, Racism, and Multiple Accounts. Those words are tied to the Friday, January 3rd, 2020 on account suspension.

The action was done about three hours after I posted a blog that was critical of the decision to allow Ivanka Trump to speak at CES Las Vegas 2020, since her father had just ordered the murder of Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani that day; she was to speak the following Tuesday at 2 PM at The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, and for an event marked as a CES Keynote. What I said is here and below:

The content was put on to on , and then was tweeted out by other accounts I own. That’s standard normal for me. It has been for years, and started as a reaction to ’s constant ignoring of my request for a verified account. That, even though it seemed that many of my white counterparts had no problem landing their verified accounts. This crap went on for years; I was one of the first small set of users, back when it was less than maybe 500,000 accounts (people?) on it – there are over 300 million accounts (people?) now. So, that spans about 12 years of time, or in Internet tech terms, two generations.

Twitter Allows Multiple Accounts
Allows Multiple Accounts

One thing that’s been a constant is the desire to silence or censor me online, as I discuss in the livestream. It’s not that I say anything wild or outlandish, but that some people (not all) just don’t like a black man who speaks about “non-black” subjects in an authoritative way. ’s “evolution” over this time is such that people on its staff answer to whatever mob of supposedly real accounts complains emotionally. And what happens when emotion is at the center of an Internet censorship action, is a constant violation of one’s own rules.

It took days for me to learn why took the action done, but I finally got a rather nasty note that I has “multiple accounts” and was engaging in “platform manipulation”. Well, here’s the fact: I wasn’t. And that’s simply because itself allows for you and me to have “multiple accounts”, and even as a special page that helps show you how do this! Look with a click here.

You see, now?

So, I’m obviously being treated in a way that’s against ’s own rules – and the “platform manipulation rules” are brand new – September of 2019, to be exact and this is just January 25th 2020.

Moreover, I believe the “people” complaining about me have their own set of different accounts – and thus do the same “platform manipulation”!    Some have said that it may be that the accounts work automatically – well, they don’t; they’re connected to my giant blog network.  has long allowed for blogs to auto-post to it, and today there are many available WordPress plugins (like this one) that permit the auto-posting of tweets about a blog post to .  (And riddle me this: if it’s really that bad, why does allow it?) It’s like doesn’t know how it works, itself.  Also, , based on what was written to me, is allowing everyone to engage in “platform manipulation”, but apparently, that’s only for white users.


So, since we all see that one can have many accounts, and , of late, has shown that it’s completely in the tank for the President (allowing Trump to tweet things that others get their tweets removed for), and the “suggested users” list is greatly tilted toward right-wing celebrities, leaving the only blacks listed as those who got their platforms by talking about race (ohh, maybe they will put me on it, again, after a five-year absence).

Protects Pro-Trump, Right-Wing Users

Let’s face it, Trump / ’s mad that I got after Donald Trump Jr. for going all potty-mouthed on The View, and went into a massive rage fit. Let’s face it, the Ivanka Trump content (even though it was supportive of her as a speaker at CES under normal circumstances) put many of them over the edge – and it seems that some of those people may be on ’s staff.

And all that, even though I was supportive of Trump at CES 2020:

has to stop what it’s doing. A number of public relations people at CES Las Vegas 2020 told me that they don’t use the microblogging platform any more and because it’s too, as one said to me at a party “reactionary”. They’re moving over to Instagram and help to explain why that platform has grown to three-times the size of .

Sadly, My Life Has Been Full Of Attempts To Censor Me

For myself, and again, I’m used to this kind of treatment. This reminds me of what happened at SFGate.com, when I was a CityBrights blogger, in a weird way. The difference is, in that case, that 20111 action was taken because I wrote that there was a rumor now former Texas Governor Rick Perry was gay and it was advanced by a man named Robert Morrow. She embargoed my post, then blocked me. Interestingly, it was made public in Alana’s absence. (Possibly, because they realized I wasn’t the only one with the story, others like Gawker later ran it, and I took great care to handle the matter carefully). In that case, the anger I felt gave rise to a desire to completely beat them in Oakland.

I am happy to say I’ve done a great job at that!

It’s why I started Zennie62Media: to make sure that my voice, and the voices of those I represent, have a place for expression. I started Media because I wanted to own my own means of media content production, so that I wasn’t held hostage by the techno-racists of the World. I started Media so that my story would never be erased from view, nor that of my clients.

As I say in the video: you have two choices in media tech if someone tries to take your platform away: go and hide in the corner, or keep making platforms that change the World. I keep building. And building. I have 98 blogs and hundreds, if not now thousands of platforms. And I will never stop building media platforms and making media tech.

Stay tuned for what’s next.

Stay tuned.

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