Oakland’s Safe RV Park For Homeless Has Issues That Are Now Life Threatening Vlogger Derrick Soo

Oakland’s Safe Rv Park Issues Now Life Threatening. Vlogger Derrick Soo.
(Last Updated On: May 28, 2020)

Oakland’s Safe RV Park Issues now Life Threatening. Vlogger Derrick Soo.

ONN – Oakland’s Safe RV Park For Homeless Has Issues That Are Now Life Threatening ger Derrick Soo

Raw transcript of video:

welcome everybody Derek Soo you’re 2020 to Auckland Maori Oh candidate it’s been an insane 24 hours if you’ve been following along with my story about the new Oakland safe RV park well now the situation has become very life-threatening situation now one of my clients actually is now hospitalized because of the lack of power at the RV park she’s record she needs that 24/7 electricity to operate her oxygen concentrator machine which keeps her oxygen levels at at the levels that for proper life then air conditioning you know we went to a really warm weekend

well you multiply 30 amps times 67 well you kind of do the math it’s pretty far away from a hundred amps and that’s each line so they they did a lot of cost-cutting and there’s nowhere near meets NEC electrical code standards and if it doesn’t meet any C it definitely will not meet City of Oakland or any other building code as a matter of fact so we have a lot of issues and just a few minutes ago I had a text from one of the residents over there that now the City of Oakland has just cut off power until further notice so this is a situation that’s really getting out of hand it’s it’s gone from bad to worse to incredibly incredibly horrible so my client is now hospitalized because of dehydration from the overwhelming heat inside that trailer.

plus the was she was not able to access her oxygen machine since Saturday so that’s a lot of days to go without that machine and just a lot issues and I’ve tried to talk to the Oakland City Administrator who’s in charge of this and that’s Darrell Dunston he’s not returned any of my emails he’s not received or picked up ahora answered any of my voicemails so I don’t know what’s happening here and we know that Libby doesn’t talk to me so
now I can’t call her and complain but Darryl Darnell is Libby’s right-hand person on this project so it all falls on his shoulders and he’s not picking up and I don’t know what’s going on as you know the site manager over there marichal Alcantar she banned my butt from the site and those are my clients i

I do case management with a lot of the clients over there and you know here’s here’s my proof you see it I I am actually with homeless health center so can’t really ban my but those are my clients and it’s unsafe and dangerous and I just demonstrated that not only to you you know which is housing consortium of the East Bay but also to Dar yell and to you Mayor Libby Schaaf so anyway we need to get this straightened up yeah I just want to work with you guys and do this up right I’m not trying to place blame but you know you didn’t do it right you know we’re trying to make this work and this kind of work you know for a while so yeah I want to help you yeah just you know where to contact me thanks everybody.

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