Oakland’s Glenview Terrorized By Angry White Guy Attacking People He Thinks Are Gentrifiers

The Oakland Glenview Neighborhood Listserv has this account of a guy that, from reading the story, seems to be a classic nutcase. But, to add to the nuttiness, he’s dangerous, and still lurking around – when he’s not walking his dog. Read on, you’ll get the idea. But I posted this because the good people are understandably freaked out by this dude, and want everyone to know about him. I read the account, and the request to get the word out, and this post is the result.

What’s The Glenview Neighborhood?

Oh, in case you’re wondering, the Oakland Glenview Neighborhood is defined by a boarder that starts at I-580 Freeway and Park, and I-580 Freeway and a point just before Lyman Road, then forms a kind of a, well, quadrilateral shape, stopping at Park and Trestle Glen. Park Blvd serves as a kind of mini-downtown for the area, with shops and restaurants.

Anyway, here’s the warning email that was placed on the Oakland Glenview Neighborhood Listserv:

Hello Neighbors,

We wanted to reach out to everyone to bring them up to speed on what happened this morning with the Police, Sunday at 9:00am.

Yesterday, Saturday, afternoon, Patrick, Jimmy, and myself were sitting in our front yard as we often do and were eating lunch (4300 Townsend Ave). While we were eating a car sped by on Wellington, slammed on the brakes, threw the car into reverse and partially backed up onto the curb, parking his car there. Perhaps a road rage incident had just happened or the person was having trouble finding parking? Nonetheless, we all turned towards the car to see what the commotion was only to discover a very angry man, we did not engage with him.

He got out of his car, stood in the middle of the road and proceeded to stare at all of us for bout 30 seconds. Patrick then asked if he could help him with something, he continued to stare at us and shout obscenities. He walked about 20 feet turned around and stared at us for another minute or two from a sidewalk on Wellington, walking off continuing to shout obscenities.

He returned about 25 mins later, Patrick was sill in the yard and he continued to shout obscenities and began to threaten us with knowing where we lived and how he’d be back to do damage to us and our home. He also accused Patrick of gentrifying the neighbor hood which Patrick responded that he is third generation in the Glenview neighborhood. At this time I phoned 911, he made a comment about slow police response and that I must be joking, but as soon as I began speaking to the 911 operator he hopped in his car and left. The police showed up a few hours later and we filed a report with his license plate number.

This morning at 8:45 AM, this same man returned, wearing the same clothes, same dog, and in the same car shouting obscenities. We were unaware that he was back and just minutes before this happened, our front door was cracked for our cats to come in and out and Jimmy stepped outside.

Analisa, who lives on Wellington had just witnessed this man approach our house, where he stopped and proceeded to stare at Jimmy while he was on the front porch. She confronted him when he walked back across the street by her house, Olson also came out at this time as well. The man started yelling and screaming at Analisa. Analisa came to my house after this to tell me what she had just witnessed, and the conversation that was just exchanged with her and the man.

I immediately called 911 and while I was doing so the man walked back up the street, crossed to the front of our house, flicking Analisa and myself off, shouting more obscenities. The 911 dispatcher advised that we go inside and lock the door. As we did this the man entered our property and tried to break down the door. He then ran across the street to where Analisa’s husband was standing on the street, concerned about the breaking down of the door. The man confronted him, started yelling obscenities. He then sped off in his car once again and took a left onto Park Blvd.

The cops were dispatched to the address matching the license plate, but the man was not there. We will be filing a restraining order against him along with the assault and battery charges that have been filed

Anti-Gentrification Dudes Car
Anti-Gentrification Dudes Car

If you see this car or the man (around 45 years old, balding, dark black eyebrows and gautee, with chiauau, wearing all black), driving a Toyota Corolla License Plate # 6GQT665 (photo attached), please call the police. He will have a court ordered restraining order and legally will not be allowed to come with in a certain distance of our home or our family.
The best number to reach the police is 911 (this dispatches to CHP). If you are able to dial the Oakland Emergency Number, 510 777 3211, this will dispatch immediately to OPD which in this case is better.

Again, he is a white male, around 5 ft 10 in, weighing around 190 lbs- bald, with dark black eyebrow and gautee features. He was wearing all black,driving a newer gumental gray color Toyota Corolla, License Plate # 6GQT665 (photo attached) . He was also walking with a smaller black dog, maybe a chiauau mix.

Thanks again for your concern and help this morning, we truly appreciate it.

Laure, Patrick, and Jimmy

Stay tuned.

Oh, and don’t try and be a hero and confront a guy you think might be him. Instead, keep an eye out for his car. Also, if this gets resolved, someone inform me so I can update this. Thanks.

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