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Oakland’s Emily Palen Is Knightress M1 With Stymie and The Pimp Jones Luv Orchestra, Felsen, August 16th

(Last Updated On: December 29, 2018)

’s Emily Palen Is Knightress M1 and she teams with Stymie and The Pimp Jones Luv Orchestra, Felsen, August 16th at The Neck Of The Woods, 406 Clement Street, 94118. Performance starts at 8 PM PDT.

’s Emily Palen is an incredible violinist and singer, who has performed with The Foo Fighters, John Paul Jones, performed in many noted bands around the San Francisco Bay Area including The Goldenhearts, Bonfire Madigan, Dolorata, Shelley Doty and the Xtet, and even made music for YouTube Channel Zennie62.

Ms. Palen has created the super-hero character Knightress M1, who “fuses raw power of heavy rock together with the grace of classical music and the reach of the ethereal. Backed by a lifetime of serious music study, Emily breaks the bonds of categories with her hard-driving, authentic and emotionally revealing power trio,” as her website says. Emily has recorded on scores of albums, released two solo improvisation albums of her own with Valence Records: Glass, which was a live recording at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco and Creation, recorded live at OTR Studios in Belmont, CA. Both albums are produced by Gregory James and are available through Valence Records.

Emily Palen is working with Stymie and The Pimp Jones Luv Orchestra, and Felsen, or Stymie and the PLO: a San Francisco-based, multi-piece outfit lead by singer/songwriter Sean Stymie.

Felsen is the West--based indie rock band that is said to be one of the best kept secrets in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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