Oakland Online Reputation Management Strategy Advice: Zennie Abraham, CEO Zennie62Media

Reputation Management Strategy Advice From Zennie Abraham Vlog 1

ONN – Oakland Online Reputation Management Strategy Advice: Zennie Abraham, CEO Zennie62Media

This is the first in an occasional series of online reputation management strategy vlogs by me, Zennie Abraham, CEO of Zennie62Media, Inc. Zennie62Media is a network of 98 blogs and a large set of interconnected social media and website platforms.

My first vlog above is directed at the business owner who relies on websites like Yelp to help them gain customers. First, if a person searches for your business and finds a review site ahead of your own content, say a website or a set of platforms you created, like a Facebook page, YouTube channel, etc., then you’ve already lost. You’re playing in Yelp’s sandbox and not your own.

A good online reputation management consultant can repair that situation for you, but it takes time and can’t be done on the cheap. New content about your company, and for the most part, in your words, has to be placed. I’m not at all saying that you should not concern yourself with what someone says on a review site, but some reputation firms only focus on that, and nothing else.

Make Sure The Online Reputation Management Firm Can Make It’s Own Content, Like Hearst Media Services or Zennie62Media

A good organization, like Hearst Media Services or Zennie62Media, can help by providing a more content-driven approach. As the website implies, Hearst Media Services uses the platforms of the news websites under its umbrella, including the Houston Chronicle and the San Francisco Chronicle. Have doubts? Just go to the HMS website and scroll down to the bottom of the first page.

And don’t think that a number of organizations don’t have something like the approach I’m preaching. Take Starz Networks. At 2018 San Diego Comic Con, Starz Networks has its own group of reporters to make sure news stories about its new programs are presented the way it wants, when it wants. Starz gets good news coverage, to be sure, but it augments that with its own content production.

At the end of the day, you want your story told, not someone else telling your story. You have to make the news yourself, today. You can have this done, and in a basic, honest, direct way that allows you to have better control over your business image.

And hire Zennie62Media with a click here.

Stay tuned.

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