Oakland Raiders Mike Mayock Should Be Fired If He Rolled Up On Antonio Brown Over Instagram Post

Oakland Raiders Mike Mayock Should Be Fired If He Rolled Up On Antonio Brown Over Instagram Post

ONN – Oakland Raiders Mike Mayock Should Be Fired If He Rolled Up On Antonio Brown Over Instagram Post

The term “rolled up” means “to arrest or get detained by police” in the Urban Dictionary. But, in general, the term “rolled up” means to confront someone, or “come at them” in a threatening way.

The way I hear it, Oakland Raiders General Manager Mike Mayock “rolled up” on Raiders star receiver Antonio Brown. Reportedly, Mayock was none to happy that his private letter was posted on Instagram for all to see. So, again, reportedly, Mike sought Antonio out to take that up with him – at practice.

And if that’s found to be the case, then the Oakland Raiders should cut their GM. Mike Mayock should be fired for rolling up on Antonio Brown.

Arguably, all of this that started over the issue of a helmet rule could have been done behind closed doors. It wasn’t. Moreover, Aditi Kinkhabwala claims that she asked Jon Gruden about Brown at the NFL Annual Meeting, and he said that the Raiders were going to keep him in line. I was at that round table and will go back and review that interview, but Jon did, indeed, say that, then what is being done to Brown is institutionally racist.

The NFL has a history of picking black young men from marginal backgrounds, giving them a lot of money, and then thrusting them into the spotlight – often without any consideration for how they will respond to the environment, or how the league itself will deal with the consequences.

On top of that, there are some who are white and in the coaching or executive position who feel they have to “set discipline” to a black player – often over matters that don’t warrant a heavy hand.

This is one of those moments. This is the focus of my livestream.

Stay tuned.

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