Oakland Raiders Las Vegas Stadium Truss Problem Construction Update Livestream

Oakland Raiders Las Vegas Stadium Truss Problem Construction Update Livestream

ONN – Oakland Raiders Las Vegas Stadium Truss Problem Construction Update Livestream

The Oakland Raiders Las Vegas Stadium effort was dealt a setback last week, starting June 12th. The canopy truss array that was being installed was interrupted by an incorrectly placed truss. According to Jedi Rich and Jedi Joy Lightower, a truss that they filmed the installation of, was removed last week – and it was still down.

This caused a four-day delay in the process, and 26 of the Las Vegas Stadium trusses were expected to be installed by July 31, 2019 (and there are, by my personal count, 18 trusses installed to date). While that’s still a possibility, Don Webb, the Raiders point person on the project, has said he’s not sure about the deadline, or words to that effec. After Jedi Rich and Jedi Joy Lightower discovered the truss problem, and this vlogger vlogged and blogged about it, then the Las Vegas Review Journal mentioned it, but failed to mention the work of Jedi Rich and Jedi Joy Lightower.

That was not right or fair.

Where this all is, is that we have a stadium situation that lacks a weekly media update procedure. This is unusual for a giant public project that uses public resources – in this case a $750 million subsidy.

Accurate and timely information is not what this Raiders stadium construction effort is about. But it should be.

Talking About The History Of The NFL Las Vegas Decision

I shifted into a talk about the The History Of The NFL Las Vegas Decision from my unique point of view. The highlight is that Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf was going to present a letter to the NFL, and have it sent to the 2017 NFL Annual Meeting in Phoenix, March 26th-March 29th, 2017.

Mayor Schaaf, my godsister, told me that she was going to send the letter to me and then she would call me later in the morning. She called at 12 AM that Sunday night to say that, and to inform me that she would not be awake in the morning, so don’t call her at 6 AM, when the email’s expected to arrive. That email contained the letter she earlier referred to would be given to the NFL Owners.

Guess who was recruited to hand it out, at the last minute?

As it turned out, Libby wanted me to help a man that was sent to Arizona representing Fortress Investments to hand out the letter, by hand, to the owners.

I didn’t think that was something a guy with a press badge should be doing, and said so, but by the time I left my hotel and arrived at the Arizona Biltmore, the Fortress Investments man managed to gain the help of hotel management.

But, the letter itself was a disappointment.

It wasn’t a new 11th hour deal as I was led to believe by Libby’s direct phone call that Sunday. It didn’t give the Oakland Coliseum land to the Raiders and the NFL. The letter was just, and I mean only, an affirmation of the deal that was already presented to the league. And it reminded the owners that Oakland had a “shovel ready” stadium plan.

Well, the NFL wanted the land. What Libby should have done was flown in to Phoenix and to present an 11th hour deal to NFL Ownership that Monday March 27th 2017, and giving the league the Coliseum Stadium land.

As I was trying to explain to her, earlier, the trick is to give the NFL and the Raiders a deal they could not refuse, but structured so the City and County would benefit from it. The NFL had made it known they wanted the Coliseum land as far back as 2015. What I had suggested was that she “give” it to the league, but with a $150 million, three-year, payment structure that could be tied in with NFL real estate development as part of Coliseum City.

The point was to create a deal that was the basis for negotiation and not a “take it or leave it” position.

Had Libby done that, I’m convinced that the vote would have went a different way. I think Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones would have been less likely to do his 11th hour NFL Ownership vote gathering that sealed the deal for the Raiders.

That was a painful morning that was recapped on tonight’s livestream show.

The Lawsuit Filed By The City of Oakland Against The Raiders And The NFL Is Necessary

The Oakland Raiders did not truthfully tell the City of Oakland of the true intent to move to Las Vegas. The Raiders had no intention of giving any other proposal the light of day to stay in Oakland. That’s not dealing in good faith, and that’s why the whole matter is in court in San Francisco.

Stay tuned.

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