Oakland Raiders Las Vegas Stadium Roof Truss Problem Causes New Delay

Las Vegas – The Oakland Raiders Las Vegas Stadium has a new problem on top of sponsorship issues and stadium hotel tax revenue problems: an issue that caused the removal of one of the roof truss segments – 26 in all and 130,000 lbs, each – that are being installed ahead of a self-imposed July 31st deadline had to be removed on June 12th, and to this day, June 15th, it has still not been replaced.

UPDATE: Las Vegas Stadium Authority Report Confirms Whistleblower Claims To Oakland News Now: Roof Delayed To May 2020 Or Beyond

This is a major development setback for the new NFL Stadium, and is related to another Las Vegas Stadium construction process that’s also now pushed back: the installation of 850-foot long cables that are to fix the 26 roof trusses in place and support the translucent ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) roof.

On top of that, Las Vegas Monsoon 2019 is said to be coming, today, Saturday. If it does, that expected flash flood will add up to yet another rain-delay this year to push back the Las Vegas Stadium construction schedule, meaning a stoppage in the process to fix the roof truss problem, which is a delay in itself.

This news comes courtesy of this video posted today by Las Vegas YouTube vlogger Richard “JediRich” Lightower, and with “Jedi Joy” Lightower as the reporter in the video-blog. Note, to be clear, JediRich broke the story of the delay, not Zennie62Media – this space is simply reporting what they have found, and at the same time releasing the news to a wider audience.

Once again, JediRich has broken a Las Vegas Stadium construction story the mainstream media in Las Vegas missed. Here’s the video:

And this is what the vlogger couple wrote in the Las Vegas Stadium YouTube video’s description area:

Raiders Stadium

When reviewing the footage, we saw that the engineers decided to take this truss down. They took the truss down because it was not fitting properly in place. It was either an issue with the truss or the roof fixture. This is a big deal, because it takes a lot of manpower and days to fasten these trusses. Then it takes hours to a full day to lift it and secure them in place.

Every big mistake can cause a delay to the opening date. It’s super important for the crew to stay on schedule. This set back hopefully will not be too detrimental. We will keep you posted on that in the days to come.

In these photos, the Engineers are discussing the problem Wednesday morning. They had lifted it on Wednesday. Then today, it was back on the ground. This is not a good thing for the crew being that they are on such a tight schedule already. It is also very frustrating for them I’m sure when things just do not go right.

As of Friday morning, the truss was on the ground. The bolts were not fitting right. It was a big deal, because they got it almost set and then had to bring it back down. This causes a lot of people wasted time for the crew.

They are expecting to lift the truss this weekend hopefully Saturday as long as they do not experience any more hiccups along the way. The crew is all about safety. They must have deemed this truss not safe, so they brought it down. This crew goes above and beyond and always make safety paramount.

Let’s hope they stay on course for the opening in 2020. Many more mishaps like this and it could be cutting it too close for comfort.

A New Las Vegas Stadium Construction Delay Problem Now

Now, the roof truss problem brings a certain construction delay that’s lasted about four days, already, and counting.

At the last Las Vegas Stadium Authority Meeting, the projected end date of construction that was mid-September of 2020 (and identified by this vlogger), was then crazily adjusted forward to August 16th, 2020.

As I’ve said before, they should focus on building the Oakland Raiders new NFL Stadium home in Las Vegas right, and stop stressing about creating fake news deadlines. It’s very obvious this is a complicated construction job that needs more time that the Raiders believed or initially understood.

Stay tuned – read our coverage of the Insight Terminal Solutions Oakland Bulk and Oversized Terminal.

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