Oakland Raiders, Las Vegas Stadium Authority, Game Construction Schedule – Live Talk

(Last Updated On: August 18, 2019)

Oakland Raiders, Las Vegas Stadium Authority, Fool With Construction Schedule – Live Talk

ONN – , , Fool With Construction Schedule – Live Talk

This is a live presentation to accompany the Oakland Now blog post called “ Games Construction Dates; Raiders PSL Revenue For Bond Debt?” The basic is, as reported in the post, is this:

“Well, in the wake of and blog posts from Media like the one above, this new report for the May 23rd 2019 meeting has this note: “The project schedule changed slightly during the reporting period. Substantial completion has been revised back to the originally reported July 31, 2020,with the stadium’s opening event now slated for August 16, 2020.”

And the Construction Manager Don Webb writes “We continue to work through schedule challenges imposed by delays in the fabrication and erection of major structural steel in an effort to preserve the Substantial Completion date of July 31, 2020. Although the sequencing and durations of the schedule’s 22-thousand tasks continue to change, the Project is on track for an on-time completion.” That reads like “cover your butt” talk, for sure – rather than admit what previous reports showed: that they were behind their original schedule.

And that was accompanied by a new bar graph that shows the “design administration” stops in July again, and not mid-September, as before. Now, take time to digest and to note this issue: as far back as October of 2018, the construction end date was in July, then in November it was moved toward September, then by February 28th of 2019, it was mid-September. Got that?

Now, after record Las Vegas rain days and rains causing known work stoppages, the now has the idea it can skip over all of that, and present a rosy picture that any observer knows is not even close to reality.

The essentially admits they’re moving the date back, but they don’t explain why – there’s no explanation of why the date was adjusted, just that it was changed. Webb writing “We continue to work through schedule challenges imposed by delays,” points to a problem, pure and simple. And that’s not the only area where there’s no explaination of an action.

Here’s the link: http://bit.ly/2YFMEf6

Stay tuned.

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