Oakland Raiders Kolton Miller Spotted Out Late In London Before Khalil Mack Chicago Bears Game

London via Instagram – Kolton Miller, the Oakland Raiders 2018 NFL Draft 1st Round Pick Offensive Tackle from UCLA, was spotted in London by skanepeterepete, a Raiders fan there for the game. Miller and the team are there to take on the Chicago Bears in what’s best called The Khalil Mack Game. It’s interesting that the giant and unmistakable Kolton Miller is out and about just two days before taking on Khalil Mack. Since the Bears move Mack around, it’s fair to expect Kolton Miller and Khalil Mack to face each other for the first time.

For those not aware the contest is called “The Khalil Mack Game” because the Raiders didn’t sign Mack back to the team during his free agency period last year. The reason was simple: at the time, the Oakland Raiders, financially hobbled by slow-developing revenue streams and new cost obligations related to the Las Vegas Stadium, could not sign Mack or star wide receiver Amare Cooper, who joined the Dallas Cowboys.

Rather than admit they could not foot Mack’s bill, the Oakland Raiders bad mouthed him out of the door, with Head Coach Jon Gruden and even Mark Davis sharing the idea that they would be fine without him. Instead, the Raiders posted a 4-12 record.

Now, the Chicago Bears have what’s commonly regarded as the best defense in the National Football League. Much of that reason is due to the play of Khalil Mack.

skanepeterepete posted this on his Instagram page about an hour ago:

That moment when someone hollers “Raiders” and you emidatly recognize it as Kolton Miller’s voice. UCLA’s finest both Kolton and Andre James. Love our OL – got to collect them all! #raidernation #raidernation4life #raidernationworldwide #raiders #oaklandraiders #synsduintefinnsduinte #oakland #silverandblack #silverandblacksweden #silverandblackfans #alldayeveryday #wreckingcrew #raidernationwreckingcrew #RNWC #raidernationsweden #raidernationwreckingcrewsweden

Given that this Oakland Raiders game against the Bears and Khalil Mack is expected to tilt in the favor of the Bears, someone should ask Miller what the deal is with the late night exploration, just two days before the game.

Oh, well.

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