Warriors NBA, Raiders’ Jon Gruden Tops Most Searched Oakland Stories For 2018

(Last Updated On: December 30, 2018)

What’s the most searched story in in 2018? To determine that, this blogger went to Google Trends to get the answer to that question. Why Google Trends? According to a number of sources, from StatCounter to Business Insider, Google has over a 90 percent market share rate, and not just on web-based searches, but mobile device app searches, too. Plus, Google Trends itself makes it easy to compare and contrast search data. With that, let’s take a look.

A search for “,” and more specifically any search related to the city itself, as opposed to the Raiders, for example, and for the last 12 months, reveals the following:

Under “rising” searches, “Jon Gruden” was the top topic, followed by “Mayor”, “air quality” ,“Seattle Mariners” and “ Athletics.”

And under “top” searches, “ Raiders” was the top topic, followed by “California”, “ Athletics” ,“San Francisco” and “ International Airport.”

Google Trends Oakland Topics
Google Trends Topics

What is reflects is the importance of sports in determining a city’s national civic identity. owes its very national image to the Raiders, so the loss of the NFL team to Las Vegas will be reflected in future searches related to after the year 2021.

Golden State Warriors name makes top stories analysis tricky, at best.

It must be noted that the reason content related to the the Golden State Warriors isn’t listed here, is the name of the NBA team: if it was called “ Warriors,” everything, from the NBA games to the NBA Finals and the Warriors Parade would be listed here.

Oakland v Golden State in Search
v Golden State in Search

But, as you can see, the Golden State Warriors are bigger than the searches related to the City of , in Google search (you can click on the Google Trends words in case the chart does not fully appear):

Without the Warriors, the results also reflect the fact that the hiring of Jon Gruden to coach the Raiders was the most searched non-NBA story of 2018. This demonstrates how important a city’s name is in the question of to what degree a sports team really helps a city. The answer is it depends on the name. This also shows why elected officials should have moved heaven and earth to get the Warriors to put “” in the team name. Calling “The Town” does nothing for ’s online identity.

Without the Warriors, There’s the Raiders for ’s Identity in Search

The second most searched story of 2018 was the Mayoral Race, the national coverage generated by Cat Brooks run for the office, and by Mayor Libby Schaaf’s landslide re-election win.

The third most searched story of 2018 was created by the number of people looking for information on the Air Quality Index, and because of the very bad air caused by The Camp Fire.

The number 4 and 5 most searched stories of 2018 were caused by the Athletics battle with the Seattle Mariners for supremacy in the AL West.

The top related queries (words related to a primary search topic) were , Raiders, Raiders, CA, and California. The “rising” related queries (subject to daily but slight change) were “bts ”, “nia wilson ”, “drake concert ”, “jon gruden”, “art and soul 2018”, “beer baron ”, “ raiders 2018 schedule”, and “oeste .”

Beer Baron ? Oeste ? What?

Yep. “Beer Baron ” refers to the new eatery and beer drinking establishment at 5900 College Avenue in the Rockridge District. Its the newest of a Bay Area chain that includes venues in Livermore, Pleasanton Santa Rosa and now . “ Oeste ” refers to the newish bar at 722 Clay Street, across 7th street from the courthouse. Owned by Sandra Davis, Lea Redmond, and Anna Villalobosis, Oeste is said to specialize in Latin-inspired dishes. Not been there yet, but this blogger can’t wait to visit its rooftop.

“Nia Wilson ” Also “ Stabbing” in Google Trends

BBQ Becky vs Oakland
vs (in red)

It must be noted that “ Stabbing”was one of the top searches and “Nia Wilson ” was the related queries search. That marks the top-searched -related crime in 2018.

Never Dominated

While the story of Jessica Schulte AKA #’s racist harassment of Kenzie Smith, and the subsequent viral video from his now ex-wife Michelle, captured the attention of NBC’s Saturday Night Live, as you can see, it never came close to dominating any search data for :

Stay tuned.


By Zennie Abraham

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