Oakland Raiders Head Coach Jon Gruden Throws Party At Ricky’s Livestream 1


Oakland Raiders Head Coach Jon Gruden threw what has to be the best and maybe the first pre-season kickoff party ever thrown by an Oakland Raiders or LA Raiders, coach.

The crowd, which started forming around 11 in the morning, waited patiently in line for the returning symbol of Oakland Raiders past for hours. Then, as you can see in the livestream video, when he did arrive, the place went nuts.

The crowd of Raiders fans consisted of people like “Raider Mort”, who has been a season ticket holder for 59 straight years, and is even contemplating buying 3rd deck tickets in the new stadium going up in Las Vegas – even though he’s not happy about it.

And then there were younger Raider fans like Tommy Tim, who just wanted to get a chance to shake Gruden’s hand, and wound up getting a selfie. In fact Jon Gruden took a lot of selfies with a lot of Raiders fans, and what is even more notable, he made two rounds to do it.

Considering Gruden is, like me, in his mid 50s, he made the rounds with all of the energy of a 30-year-old, dare I say, new Oakland Raiders Free Agent Player? Coach Gruden honestly tried to be in everyone’s camera, and did not at all mind being mobbed. It was so crazy, this vlogger wound up pinned between Gruden’s back and the wall, and turned sideways, my smartphone and YouTube app recorded the action live. It’s all there, and toward the end of the stream.

In fact, I stopped the stream because, well, I didn’t – the battery ran out. I still have not found a good replacement for the Pocket Juice power pack – it lasts all day, and makes long-form mobile livestreaming with your smartphone easy. But I digress.

Fortunately, the stream includes time with a number of Raiders Legends: Kenny Shedd (who I will call the Czar of Raiders Partying), Raymond Chester, who’s been a friend for years and a guest on Zennie62 Live many times, and of course, Lester Hayes, who’s the best cornerback in Oakland Raiders History not-named Willie Brown or Charles Woodson, and should be in the NFL Hall of Fame. But they weren’t the only celebrities in the room.

The real stars were the scores of people who came up to say hello and share how much they enjoy Zennie62. They all have their own stories to tell, and it’s not only fun to help them do it, it’s a missing media opportunity so big that not harnessing it is a crime.

Stay tuned.

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