Oakland Raiders Fans Live: Khalil Mack, Chicago Bears, Lose To Green Bay Pack 24 23

Oakland News Now – This Zennie62 on YouTube Livestream Show had “Raider Mac” on as the special guest.

Raider Mac (who only goes by that name) called me about two hours before the show to share some information he believed would be the basis for a good news story. In the process of our talk, and since he planned to attend the Los Angeles Rams vs. Oakland Raiders Game at the Oakland Coliseum, I invited him to join the livestream.

The central topic was Khalil Mack, and how his at-times other-worldly performance as a pass rusher shocked the Green Bay Packers and the NFL World that was watching, as much as it upset already grieving Raiders Fans. For those who were under a rock, Khalil Mack, just one week from flying to Chicago and being introduced as a Chicago Bears player, got a strip sack of Packers Quarterback Deshone Kizer, and then a pick-six interception of the same signal caller. Mack’s efforts starred in the construction of the Chicago Bears’ 20 to zero lead.

But after halftime, the Green Bay Packers adjusted their game plan to include more quick passes, and even tried a fast huddle to interrupt the Bears Defensive substitution that brought Khalil Mack in to replace starter Aaron Lynch. All of those changes gave the returning but injured Aaron Rogers time to throw, and he did. His accurate passing, and a lot of luck in Kyle Fuller dropping a sure, game-ending interception of a Rogers pass late in the game, put the Packers in position to win with a Randall Cobb 69-yard touchdown catch and run.

The Raiders fans who visited the livestream mostly agreed that even with the loss, Khalil Mack was the difference maker. My take is that Mack’s play caused the Bears to lose by just one point – a big advantage come playoff time, when points differential comes into play.

Raiders Fans Mostly Think Rams Will Win Monday Night, But…

The Majority of Zennie62 YouTube Livestream Fans picked the Rams over the Raiders for the upcoming Monday Night Football Game. This blogger thinks the Raiders will eek out a win 31 to 30. Much of my reasoning had to do with the Chicago game: if the Bears won, it would have damaged the already impacted Raiders player morale. But now that Mack didn’t get the win, it gives power to those who say “one man doesn’t make all the difference.” Game on.

The Raiders advantage over the Rams rests in the fact that the Rams coaches have no book on what kind of offense Jon Gruden will roll out Monday Night. Will he go no-huddle, up-tempo? Will he use pre-shifts? What about using both? The Raiders have an advantage there – let’s see what Gruden does with it.

Stay tuned.

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