Oakland Raiders Don Webb Nixes Las Vegas Stadium July 31, 2020 Opening, Now “Substantial Completion”

Oakland Raiders Don Webb Nixes Las Vegas Stadium July 31, 2020 Opening, Now “Substantial Completion”

Oakland Raiders Don Webb Nixes Las Vegas Stadium July 31, 2020 Opening, Now “Substantial Completion”

Las Vegas via YouTube – After telling News 3 Las Vegas Alex Fresquez that the Allegiant Stadium Las Vegas Stadium would be open for the public on July 31, 2020 (even saying that rumors of delays were “stupid”) now, Raiders Chief Operating Officer Don Webb says the giant facility will be “substantially completed”, but not open to the public.

Don Webb said that at Monday’s Las Vegas Stadium Authority November 18, 2019 Meeting. After showing a drone presentation of where the stadium is in its progress toward completion, Webb popped off that he said “ad nauseam” that the stadium would be “substantially completed”.

Now, “ad nauseam” means:

referring to something that has been done or repeated so often that it has become annoying or tiresome.

Okay. Wow.

So, the whole News 3 Las Vegas Alex Fresquez news segment was just an exercise in fake news? It would seem so.  The only question is, why?

Maybe they didn’t like this Oakland News Now report, the one that said the Raiders would be at the Coliseum for NFL Season 2020? They seem to forget the Oakland Raiders did give themselves that option, and they have until April 1st to figure out if they want to take it.

If the Raiders don’t take the Coliseum Lease Option, and the Las Vegas Stadium’s not finished for the NFL 2020 Season, the Silver and Black could be in an avoidably difficult situation, not unlike the Oracle Park debacle of 2018.

But the fact remains that on November 3rd, 2019, Mr. Webb told Alex Fresquez that the stadium would be open by July 31st, 2020. In fact, as you can see in the video below, the station opened its news report saying “Inside the Allegiant Stadium. The stadium is reportedly on track according to its chief operating officer. The stadium is scheduled to open July 2020.”

I figured someone pressured Webb to make that news report. Then someone else pressured Webb to back away from it. I wonder who that was…

Because legendary 872 Laborers Union President Tommy White….

Yeah, the same Tommy White who gave me the Raiders Stadium Construction Pin (always support the labor unions)…

…starred in his own ‘let’s make sure they know we’re going to finish Allegiant Stadium on time’ news segment with News3’s Steve Wolford on November 1st, just two days before Webb’s now-ill-fated attempt at spin on the same Las Vegas TV Station:

Raiders, Don Webb, And Tommy White Should Forget The Spin And Just Build The Las Vegas Stadium

Webb’s got a tough job being put in a place where he has to bend the truth – he seems like a good man, so I feel for him. The Oakland Raiders should just let Webb focus on building the stadium right, and be happy with the truth.

When Las Vegas Stadium is finished, it’s going to transform Sin City, and give it access to a level of large-scale entertainment productions even it never had before.

Stay tuned.

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