Rebecca Kaplan and Libby Schaaf

Time For Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, Council President Rebecca Kaplan To Lead: Phil Tagami Files

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf and Oakland City Council President Rebecca Kaplan must put aside their differences and collaborate to save our City of Oakland.

Word is they have not spoken in weeks – what a shame two smart progressive Democrats that can’t have a conversation if that doesn’t size up the problem with our country today I don’t know what does.

They must see that an organized insurgency has taken over and it is not BLM (Black Lives Matter) – in the past 72 hours, Anarchist have targeted strategic societal infrastructure in the urban core – banks have been looted, pharmacies have been looted Walmart and Target stores looted.

Where the fuck is Batman when you need him?

On May 29 most of the looting and vandalism Downtown Oakland especially the graffiti and violence was primarily young white kids thing events that unfolded on

May 30 and May 31 showed a more multicultural involvement throughout the Eastbay region and in San Francisco that has led to multiple curfews and significant damage.

The other retail looted is too long of a list. So is the SIP (Shelter-In-Place) lifted ? From watching people gather east of Lake Merritt and at Port of Oakland and at city Hall Plaza one would think that it had!

So for all of us rule followers and responsible citizens / residents who fill out forms, pull permits pay fees and pay hefty impact fees and taxes – There is no, zero, zilch, exchange of communication about the SIP status or the protest defense strategy

What are we supposed to tell our employees, our insurance company, our investors, our bankers and our families?

If the response is that I should Invest an hour of my time when I least can afford it to watch a canned infomercial with no plan, but your carefully PC worded, pre-rehearsed questions from pre-selected participants… you’ve lost me.

How about another Press release saying what a great job you are doing is Trumpian – telling us the city is going to rebuild and is going to help small businesses is absolute crap when you’ve boarded up City Hall, no one’s answering the phone, you can’t get inspection, you can’t pull permit, there’s no one to talk to at the health department, they’re not answering the phone.

Night after night Oakland Police Department has been ordered to basically stand down until the damage is done – to give people space to express their anger – we are on our own yet again Just on the fact that you failed us by inviting this here at this time this year and not stopping it before it started.

We have now helped several businesses board up there shattered store fronts and kicked in doors.. in the middle of the night – West Oakland the central business district, the Laurel District, the Fruitvale and east Oakland.

We’re running out of plywood and we’re running out of plywood and we’re running out of patience with the lack of tactical awareness and communications.

If we are going to continue to SIP, then go ahead and shut down the town.. but do not leave us unprotected .If we are going to open let’s us use some common sense. We like most businesses have our Covid-19 plans in place.

So when can we talk kids?

First posted on Phil Tagami’s Facebook Profile Page.

Phillip Tagami is the Managing Partner of California Capital Investments Group (CCIG)

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