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What’s Today Blog Trying To Do?

Oakland News Now and Oakland News Online are the work of Oaklanders who have agreed to become authors.

The objective is to give Oaklanders a blog voice, while at the same time providing the reader with an idea of what’s on the minds of the people who live in our diverse city. The total group of Oaklanders who are signed up as bloggers here at Oakland News Online is below, but we also present appropriate Oakland-based YouTube videos from various sources.

If there’s someone you want to see as part of our group, tell us about them, and provide their email contact information, so we can reach out to them.


This, below, lists the and contributors, past and present.

, CEO, Founding Vlogger

, the founder and CEO of , Inc and Founding Vlogger. He has worked to create an innovative multi-blog platform he calls The CNN of The 21st Century. Zennie’s background spans the history of Web 2.0, from building Oakland’s first blog, Oakland Focus, in 2004, to establishing Oakland’s first YouTube Partner Channel, Zennie62, in 2008, to attending the Twitter launch party and the Reddit Party welcoming Steve Huffman to San Francisco in 2007, and the history-making Vloggercon San Francisco in 2006, and the first TechCrunch Disrupt New York in 2010, covering CES Las Vegas since 2010.

Here’s Zennie covering the 2008 TechCrunch August Capital Party:

Here’s Zennie interviewing TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington in at the first TC Disrupt in 2010:

Here’s Zennie interviewing Chamillionaire at TC Disrupt 2011, San Francisco:

Zennie has also covered San Diego Comic Con since 2010. Here’s his interview with SDCC’s David Glanzer from the virtual event for 2020:

Zennie has covered the Night Of 100 Stars Oscars Party, and from 2010 to 2017. Here’s Zennie talking with the late actor Powers Boothe:

And Sean Young in 2010:

Zennie has also interviewed both Jim Kelly and John Saxon from Enter The Dragon, and talked to Mr. Kelly three times for his WonderCon coverage.

Zennie was also one of 128 bloggers to become the first ever to cover a Democratic National Convention: the historic 2008 event in Denver where then-Senator Barack Obama became the first African American to be named Democratic Nominee for President of The United States. With Obama’s win as President, and Zennie62’s pioneer status as user of “new media” platforms, he was on national television many times. In 2009, CoLours TV produced The Blog Report With Zennie62: the first TV show made only with YouTube videos. It ran from 2009 to 2011.

Here’s Zennie’s full background on the website: open.

Roger Robarts

Roger Robarts is a long-time Oakland blogger who prefers to stay in the background and turn press release content into news posts for .

Jane Dixon

Jane Dixon is our utility blogger. Ms. Dixon comes on to help out whenever she can, but prefers to stay in the background.

Jessica Dwyer VIP Entertainment And Horror Editor / Vlogger

Jessica Dwyer is the Founder and President of Fangirl Magazine, and a media fixture at San Diego Comic Con. Jessica Dwyer grew up comfortable in a world filled with the macabre of late night creature features and sci-fi rubber monsters. From a young age she was drawn to the darker side of Universal Horror Movies, Hammer Films, and strange TV series that most five and six year olds would be terrified of like The Nightstalker and Dark Shadows. It continued into a love of science fiction with Doctor Who, Star Trek, and Blakes 7. It wasn’t just TV and movies for Jessica as she dived into a world filled with books by authors like Clive Barker, Edgar Alan Poe, and HP Lovecraft. Comic books were read by the box full as were Famous Monsters of Filmland, Fangoria, and Gorezone.

Melissa Rubin

Melissa Rubin is one of Zennie62.com’s most popular football bloggers. A die-hard Baltimore Ravens fan, Ms. Rubin has become an expert on the State Of The Baltimore Ravens.

Dave Squires

Dave Squires is a die-hard Atlanta Falcons fan who lives in London. Yes, London. Dave Squires represents the new-breed of NFL Fan: one from Europe. Dave has a number of excellent post and has made a name for himself here at Zennie62.com.


Emeritus Zennie62 Media Contributors

Nikky Raney – Emeritus Executive Editor

Nikky Raney has posted more blog posts than anyone except and has come to symbolize what Zennie62.com is over the years she has been involved with the blog.

Nikky is best known for her celebrated battle with Tia Tequila, and while it’s an episode that almost led to a lawsuit against “Miss Tila,” what Nikky was trying to prove was simply that Tia’s many claims (name them) didn’t always hold water.

Nikky has graduated from The New England School of Journalism (now called “The New England School of Communications”).

John Fennelly

John Fennelly is an NFL Draft veteran and expert on the New York Giants and New York Jets and football from a player personnel perspective. He’s also an active New Yorker, with views on many different topics.

Beverly Rivas

is not just , but also Beverly Rivas.

The Oakland-based Ms. Rivas has her own social media consultancy where she works with organizations like The Oakland Builders Alliance.

Bev is Content and Social Media Partner at . In this role she is responsible for business development in the area of social media. Zennie62 has received so many requests in this area that it was time to formalize the process of working with clients. But the bi-lingual Rivas is also responsible for content creation in the area of video-blogs and blogs.

Dr. William Chackhes – Football Partner

Dr. William Chackhes is the founder of Football Reporters Online and a long time friend of the blog and a legendary figure in the coverage of the NFL and specifically the NFL Draft. He heads the blog Football Writers Online and has attended 39 NFL Drafts, 28 of them as a member of the press.

Bill’s background in football is extensive and includes stints as coach and quality control expert. But he’s best known as a person who can quickly explain the details about an NFL Draft prospect.

Full Author List:

Anthony Carillo
Alex Moaba
Allison Reilly
Anna Almendrala
Anna Brand
Azucena Rasilla
Beverly Rivas
Bonnie Kavoussi
Brennan Williams
Brian Dixon
Brian Michaud
Brian Reich
Carol Luna
Catherine Lawson
Danny Weening
Chris Harnick
Chris Kompanek
Christina Villarreal
Christopher Rosen
Corbin Hiar
Courtney Stovall
Crystal Bell
Dan Collins
Dan Cohen
Dan Reyes
David Squires
David Clarke-McKoy
Dave Cook
Dave Cook
Dennis A. Henigan
Dennis Rose
Doc Gurley
Don Macleay
Dr. Boyce Watkins
Dr. Bill Chackhes
Elisabeth Braw
Eva Crawford
Franca Sozzani
Gene Dexter
Tevin Polatian
Isabella Jimenez
Jennifer Friel
Jessica Mann
John Fennelly
Julie Buehler
Karen A. Brown
Kathy Neal
Kia Makarechi
Kiki Von Glinow
Kiki Von Glinow
Kraig Debro
Leigh Weingus
Libby Schaaf
Lincee Ray
Maggie Furlong
Bruce Nye
Amanda Abraham
Marc Holland
Mario Juarez
Mariya Yefremova
Marla Schulman
Marty Lipp
Matt Meeker
Melissa Rubin
Michael Brenner
Michael Gilmour
Michael Giltz
Michael Giltz
Michelangelo Signorile
Mike Ragogna
Mike Ryan
Mike Smith
Millie Kerr
Misty McClure
Mohamed A. El-Erian
Morgan Bach
Michelle Morin
Nancy Sidebotham
Naughty But Nice Rob
Naughty But Nice Rob
Network Awesome
Nick Ficorelli
Nicki Gostin
Nikky Raney
La Dona King
Pam Drake
Richard Haick
Robert Bullen
Rob Richie
Roger Roberts
Ron Dicker
Ron Dicker
Russell Simmons
Sean Sullivan
Simon McCormack
Simon McCormack
Stephanie Marcus
Steve Lowe
Stewart J. Lawrence
The Boot
The Fat Diaries
The Hollywood Reporter
The Huffington Post
John Bobst
Tiana Patterson
Tom Hayes
VidBlogger Nation
William Carroll
William Wong
Will Viharo
Youyoung Lee

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