Oakland News Now COVID-19 World Data And News


Oakland News Now Coronavirus COVID-19 World Data And News

The rapid change of spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19 around the world is such that I believed this new page would provide valuable “at-a-glance” information for readers at Oakland News Now.  You can thank the good folks at Mapbox for the cool WordPress plugin, the installation of which was easy. Any ideas or feedback are appreciated, via email to me at zennie@zennie62.com.

[cov2019map] Showing a map with data of each country.

[cov2019history] A line chart showing global historical daily data.

[cov2019historyc] A line chart showing historical daily data of the country you select.

[cov2019] Showing basic data of world and a country you select.

[cov2019all] Showing data of all countries in a table.

[cov2019namerica] Data of North America.

[cov2019samerica] Data of South America.

[cov2019europe] Data of Europe.

[cov2019asia] Data of Asia.

[cov2019oceania] Data of Oceania.

[cov2019africa] Data of Africa.


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