Oakland Neighborhood Leaders Meet With Mayor Schaaf And OPD On ZOOM On COVID-19 Testing

Oakland Neighborhood Leaders Meet With Mayor Schaaf And Opd On Covid 19 Testing Via Zoom
(Last Updated On: April 30, 2020)

Neighborhood Leaders Meet With Mayor Libby Schaaf And the Police Department (OPD) On ZOOM, On Testing

via ZOOM – and members of the Police Department met with members of the Community Policing Advisory Board (CPAB) and leaders from the Neighborhood Community Planning Councils (NCPC) around . It was the public’s first taste of what it’s like to meet with ’s new Interim Police Chief Susan Manheimer, and she was joined by Police veterans Darren Allison and LaRonne Armstrong. Mayor Schaaf also mentioned that Ed Reiskin would be joining as the new Chief Administrative Officer later in the month, after City Council confirmation.

Here’s the list of Speakers from the email to this blogger, with SEO adjustments:

00:50 – meeting kickoff
05:40 – testing for first responders update
35:35 – NSCs, Zoom
40:30 – homelessness
43:52 – enforcement of shelter in place order
1:03:00 – domestic violence, child abuse

Police Chief Susan Manheimer

08:45 – introductory remarks,
53:50 – OPD’s measures

Assistant Chief Darren Allison

11:55 – overview of OPD’s response, crime trends
25:10 – sideshow update
47:15 – OPD’s measures
51:25 – traffic violations/reckless driving

Deputy Chief Roland Holmgren

21:15, 50:15 – West crime trends

Deputy Chief Leronne Armstrong

30:15 – BFO East ,
48:50 – gun violence
1:00:30 – NSC/CPAB meeting

Deputy Chief Drennon Lindsey: 27:25 – Bureau of Investigations update

Police Captain Christopher Bolton: 57:30 – shoplifting/robberies

What was called the “Centralized hub for City of information about in translated languages” is here and here

The City of is expanding its free testing to people working in direct care – including grocery workers, residential facility and health care workers, etc. Employers should contact [email protected] to facilitate testing for their employees.

Here’s the full meeting transcript, culled from the files emailed to this blogger from a source, and to go with the ZOOM Video meeting above.

00:25:22 Mayor’s Office: Hello My name is Caleb Smith. I’m a Special Assistant in the Mayor’s Office. I will be posting links to resources related to your questions.
00:25:44 Mayor’s Office: Welcome! We will be entering resources into the chat. You can also enter your questions here in the chat. FYI that we have locked the meeting in order to prioritize you as our NCPC community leaders and our speakers. Please know that anyone who becomes disruptive or inappropriate will be removed from the meeting as we unfortunately had to do in previous town halls. Thank you for your cooperation.
00:25:55 Stephanie Hayden: thank you, we’ll share this out with our Melrose Community membership following today’s session
00:26:06 Park Fam: can you pls post the cv19 testing link for front line workers that mayor just mentioned. thanks Caleb
00:26:13 Mayor’s Office: [email protected]
00:26:40 Mayor’s Office: Employers should contact the email above to facilitate testing for their employees
00:26:55 Mayor Libby Schaaf: is opening its free testing sites to people working in direct care – including grocery workers, residential facility and health care workers, etc. People can email [email protected]
00:27:52 Park Fam: thx
00:32:09 Stephanie Hayden: Can you please share the details for phone reporting and online reporting?
00:34:51 Mayor’s Office: Please write [email protected] as a new email for compliance complaints re: non-essential businesses and non-essential activities in violation of the Alameda County public health order. If there are additional questions contact Tya Modeste, ACSO PIO in the JIC at 925-803-7890 or [email protected].
00:36:42 sks: For OPD online reporting is the same as usual and phone reporting via 911.
00:42:54 ola8280: I’m sure, I need to be unmuted. OLA8280
00:43:17 DC Drennon Lindsey: Chief Armstrong is on mute.
00:43:23 DC Drennon Lindsey: Can someone let Chief Armstrong in?
00:43:32 DC Drennon Lindsey: He is on a landline.
00:44:04 Stephanie Hayden: Caleb is administering the Zoom – they have to unmute him.
00:44:41 Stephanie Hayden: When is the next Sideshow deployment?
00:44:55 Mayor’s Office: We’re unmuting in just a moment as soon as we can find the number he is dialing in from.
00:45:22 Mayor Libby Schaaf: To report health orders, you may email [email protected]

00:47:25 Mayor’s Office: DC Armstrong you are in and we have unmuted you
00:49:58 Stephanie Hayden: What is the process to educate, but also enforce in East ?
00:51:06 Stephanie Hayden: So OPD is leading our monthly NCPC meetings via Zoom now?
00:51:25 Stephanie Hayden: When is the Sideshow deployment starting?

00:53:16 Mayor’s Office: Thank you for your questions in the chat. We will get to them after the presubmitted questions, time permitting.
00:53:49 Marla Williams: are the speed trailers placed or is this something coming?

00:59:10 Mayor’s Office: More information about Referral to Isolation Housing for the Unsheltered here:
00:59:49 Mayor’s Office: Health Care for the Homeless (County) is doing all screening and makes the referrals for unsheltered folks to enter the hotels
01:00:15 Marla Williams: can some motor cops be placed to reduce the wreck less driving, hit and runs. with less vehicles on the roads drivers are becoming more wreck less
01:00:31 Mayor’s Office: Advice of the health officer is not to dismantle encampments, City continues to clean around them
01:01:24 Marla Williams: who are the trailers being used for exactly?
01:02:06 Park Fam: Please keep parks open. People need a place to go.
01:02:19 Mayor’s Office: As of now, we have not closed our parks
01:02:32 Mayor’s Office: East Bay Regional Parks does have some closures
01:02:39 Marla Williams: what about regular maintenance of the schools clean up and gardening?
01:02:52 Mayor’s Office: City of playground structures closed because these are high touch areas
01:03:46 Mayor’s Office: Fire services will continue fire prevention maintenance as usual
01:04:18 Mayor’s Office: For updates on all City department services follow this link: http://tiny.cc/OakCityServices
01:05:07 Mayor Libby Schaaf: It is my understanding that our fire department has had only 1 COVID19 case at this time.
01:06:06 Mayor Libby Schaaf: Again, vegetation management work on your property is allowed during the SIP.
01:06:52 Mayor Libby Schaaf: For domestic violence resources, The Family Justice Center is remaining open and active to support any victims of domestic violence.
01:06:54 Stephanie Hayden: A lot of people are volunteering to make masks to cover limited PPEs folks have to help their resources last longer. Would OPD, OFD benefit from volunteers making masks for them too?
01:07:22 valeriew: What is BFO?

01:07:57 Mayor Libby Schaaf: Bureau of Field Operations. We basically cut the city in half to better manage.
01:09:04 Stephanie Hayden: Thank you for saying Sideshow enforcement will start this Saturday!
01:09:37 Mayor Libby Schaaf: If you need help in setting up a zoom meeting, you can contact the Mayor’s Office 510-238-3141. Or email [email protected]
01:10:40 Stephanie Hayden: Can you repeat that email?
01:10:52 Stephanie Hayden: [email protected]?
01:11:27 Mayor’s Office: Email [email protected] to report shelter in place violations
01:11:34 Stephanie Hayden: thank you
01:12:44 Mailisha Chesney: I appreciate you saying that you’re going to help with the large amounts of reckless driving, but it’s been clear to many of us (for decades now) that our city needs to step up our game with regards to reckless driving on a regular basis. In the East /Fruitvale area there appears to be no road laws in general. 8^(
01:12:52 Stephanie Hayden: will you please share this recording so we can share this with our membership today?
01:13:09 Mailisha Chesney: Yes, we can mute and unmute ourselves now.
01:13:58 Marla Williams: I sent several questions in the chat can you send response to my email?
01:14:19 Mayor’s Office: Yes, the meeting recording and minutes will be sent out after the recording is rendered.
01:14:34 Stephanie Hayden: thank you!
01:15:54 Stephanie Hayden: Please share SARA projects with NCPC leadership so we can learn and benefit from each other’s experiences and learnings.
01:16:25 Stephanie Hayden: need to drop thank you!
01:17:38 Jenny Zilliac, 22X Interim Co-Chair: I appreciate that Chris Bolton raised the issue of root causes. I would like to look at how NC’s can help meet the basic needs of our most vulnerable.
01:19:14 chezr: Suggest Libby have TV ads about the Thursday town halls.

01:19:59 chezr: and radio ads. People are just not getting the word. I am letting as many know, but I only can reach so many.
01:20:02 happyfeelin: Digital ads, since most people are online…not just television (in advertising so know this for a fact).
01:20:44 chezr: I agree that this recorded session be available to public.
01:21:07 Mayor’s Office: as we shared before, this recording will be available afterwards thank you kindly.
01:21:39 happyfeelin: Yep….we do need to get this out…and right now we have to explore how folks are tuning in…or even keep this posted somewhere…if Mayor Schaaf has digital channels info needs to be kept like streaming service tools…

Stay tuned.


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