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Oakland Mayor, City Council Members Share Views Of President Trump’s Insurrection Attempt

What do siting Oakland City Councilmembers think of President Donald Trump’s Insurrection Attempt that marked only the second time in history the Capitol was under attack (the last time was the War of 1812)?

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf tweeted:

This is terrorism. This is chaos and violence incited by Trump’s continuous assault on our democracy. Ultimately our country will withstand this moment, and then we must hold the perpetrators accountable. #capitol

Oakland District One Councilmember Dan Kalb tweeted:

Domestic terrorists trying 2 subvert our democracy—and #POTUS Trump is complicit! These R the people who many GOP electeds R afraid 2 offend
Shame on elected leaders who fail 2 loudly condemn the madness. And shame on the political party that continues 2 welcome these deplorables

New Oakland District Three Councilmember Carroll Fife did not offer a direct tweet on her thoughts, but she did retweet a number of tweets that focused on how well the DC Police and the Capitol Police treated white people in the act of committing domestic terrorism, like this one:

New Oakland District Seven Councilmember Treva Reid, posted this message on Facebook:

It is an unbelievable and sad day of defiant insurrection, rebellion, treason and clear privilege of people in the history of our nation in Washington DC. We are witnessing an active, intentional and planned threat to our democracy.
I call on the president of the United States of America and republican party leaders to put an end to this civil unrest and unacceptable war against American freedom and restore the pillar of democracy. Get up out of your office and shut these shameful acts down, now and uphold the laws, order and democracy of our nation. They are anarchists. They are domestic terrorists.
I pray for our congressional leaders, staff and their loved ones watching with fear and anxiety and pray for the peace of our nation and uniting of our hearts, standing indivisible for freedom, justice and liberty for all of us as the new administration takes office. #capitol

As more entries are posted, this blog post will be updated to include them. Stay tuned.

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