Oakland “Love Life” Sign At Bancroft And Durant Stolen

Oakland News Now – Donald Lacy, the creator of the Oakland “Love Life” slogan and idea for signs as one enters Oakland, reported that one such sign was stolen at Bancroft And Durant Avenue. Lacy wrote this one Facebook:

“ok are yawl ready for this? I did a shoot today for a film project Im working on… AND.. we went to the corners of Durant and Bancroft where the first LoveLife entering Oakland sign was unveiled and guess what??? THE SIGN WAS GONE HUH??? .you heard me right it was taken?? THE WHOLE ENTERING OAKLAND SIGN POLE AND EVERYTHING…. gone.. WTF??? YES G-O-N-E so what happened?.. I plan to find out..Only in Oakland #WOW #really #WTH #mystery #LoveLife #whodoneit”

The “Love Life” slogan was adopted by the Oakland City Council in October of 2017, and after much unnecessary controversy.. After 16-year-old LoEshe Lacy was killed in West Oakland, her father, Donald Lacy, vowed to use her name, which means “Love Life” in the Nigerian language of Ibo, as a message against violence. That led to years of work and negotiations, and a final set of unfortunate City Council racial divisions, before “Love “Life” was adopted by the City of Oakland as its slogan.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Donald Lacy posted this news update: “THE GREAT LOVELIFE SIGN CAPER PT 2 OK after an intensive investigation this is what I have found out. yes its official the sign was STOLEN The entering Oakland LoveLife.sign ,, pole .. everything. and this may not have been the first time it was just replaced 2 months ago.. So this may have not been the first time.. WOW.. I love my town but really come on Yawl.. we better than this. It may take up to 2 months to replace. Someone suggested producing a poster and make those available to people? I have mixed emotions its flattering that folks love the sign.. but can we just leave it be.. #LoveLife #Sherlockholmes #Thegreatsigncaper #OnlyinOakland…”

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