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Oakland Landlords Avoiding Eviction Laws Isn’t New, City Of Oakland Lets Them

ONN – Oakland Landlords Avoiding Eviction Laws Isn’t New, City Of Oakland Lets Them.

The headline “Landlords Routinely Ignore Oakland Eviction Laws, Leaving Renters Vulnerable To Fraud” and from NBC Bay Area is nothing new. The Anti-Eviction Mapping Project has charted the rash of what are called “unlawful detainers” with data going back to 2005 – and a animated map that shows where these illegal evictions have happened.

The real question is why does the City of Oakland not do anything about what the landlords do? Why did the Mayor of Oakland take $500,000 from Tom Steyer who had invested millions in a real estate company REO Homes that others have said and has been chronicled as doing a giant number of evictions in West Oakland?

Mayor Schaaf should have asked Steyer to help build affordable housing and provide basic jobs in West Oakland, not steer him toward the Oakland Promise. The Oakland Promise is an effort to put kids of color on a college path.

But the problem of the Oakland Promise is it’s timing: it is done in the face of an enormous Oakland homeless problem. Overall, it seems the Oakland City Council is collectively bent on serving its own objectives and not those of the residents who need a working safety net and enforced eviction laws.

What’s needed is a “bad landlord” list that is routinely updated and includes the latest digital technology to get out about unlawful detainers as they happen and make the City of Oakland enforce the law via calling the police.

Stay tuned.

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