Oakland Lake Chalet Style Furniture At Lake Merritt On Labor Day 2018

Lake Chalet Chairs
Lake Chalet Chairs

It’s Oakland and Labor Day and that means hanging out at Lake Merritt on the lawn and eating and enjoying friends and family – and nice Lake Chalet-style furniture.

I’m serious. Check it out, here!

Now, you would think, in the wake of Jennifer Schulte AKA #BBQBecky and Kenzie Smith (who’s running for Oakland City Council District 2) that we would see more grills, right? Well, it looks like someone took all that to another, cooler and more luxurious level!




Yeah, the person who posted this about 10 minutes ago wrote “It’s Labor Day. You’re supposed to chill.”

But if you take a look at the furniture, it bears a likeness to the chairs they have at Lake Chalet Restaurant’s Dock Area. I’m not saying they are those chairs, just that they look like them. They’re nice. A welcome change to the standard lawn chair used at Lake Merritt.

Now, please Oakland Lake Merritt folks, no regulations against this, OK? Thanks.

Stay tuned.

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