Oakland July 2018 First Friday Social Media Reports Of A Shooting Are Incomplete

Oakland July 2018 First Friday was clearly marred by a shooting in the Uptown District on Telegraph Avenue, but to this point, there’s no one clear report of what happened.

The first idea this blogger received that something happened came from an email of a Nextdoor entry, which read “Shooting near Paramount, 11pm (PST): Heads up, according to Citizen, there’s been a shooting near the Paramount Theater. Crowd control activity as police look for suspect.” But the poster did not follow-up with more information.

Then, on Instagram, @lordrab posted this video which looks like it was right in the middle of Telegraph Avenue and 17th Street, an intersection near bars Cafe Van Kleef, Dogwood, and the Woods Bar & Brewery:

This Twitter tweet post by FEELMORE, the sex store at 1703 Telegraph Ave, near the corner of Telegraph and 17th provided a lot more information, including the news that the shooter was still at large, at that time, last night:

(As a note, no one posted a video on YouTube – at least one that was properly tagged so that it could be found. No “First Friday” Oakland video from last night.)

In closing, for now, it’s apparent that: 1) a shooting did happen, 2) it was around 17th and Telegraph and not near the Paramount Theater, which is six blocks up that street, and on Broadway, and 3) the shooter was (at the time) not caught by the Oakland Police.

I will update this space with more information.

As an update, an email was sent to the Oakland Police Public Information Office and its representative Johnna Watson, and to the City of Oakland’s Communications Representative Sean Maher. No reply has been sent to this point in time.

UPDATE FROM OAKLAND POLICE: Friday, 10:51 PM, in the 2000 block of Telegraph Avenue a 28-year-old man got into a dispute with another man and was shot.

All victims are stable condition, no arrest have been made.

Stay tuned.

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