Oakland Guaranteed Income Program Not Blacks Only, Is For Any Low Income Family – Read Website FAQs


ONN – Oakland Guaranteed Income Program Not Blacks Only, Is For Any Low Income Family – Read Website FAQs – vlog by Zennie62 YouTube

Oakland Guaranteed Income Program Not Blacks Only, Is For Any Low Income Family – Read Website FAQs

Go to OaklandResilientFamilies.org/faqs to learn the truth or read below:

Who is this for?

Oakland Resilient Families is targeted to support families with the greatest wealth disparities per the Oakland Equity Index, with low-incomes and at least 1 child under 18, regardless of documentation status. The term “family” is defined broadly to recognize that families come in all shapes and sizes.
How can the money be used?

In any way families want. Families will receive $500 per month for 18 months, unconditionally, to use however they choose. They have the option of participating in periodic surveys and interviews but are not required to.

What about non-English speaking families or families that aren’t online?

Program information, applications, and surveys will all be multilingual. Online applications will be simple enough to be completed by cell phone using the City of Oakland’s free public wifi – OAK Wifi. There will be individuals from partner organizations available to answer questions and support people through the application.

How do I learn more?

Anyone interested in Oakland Resilient Families can stay updated on announcements and be notified when applications are available by signing up for updates.

How is “low-income” defined?

At or below 50% of Area Median Income (about $59,000 per year for a family of 3), however half of the spots are reserved for very-low-income families earning below 138% of the Federal Poverty Level (about $30,000 per year for a family of 3).

When will this start?

The goal is to begin payments to families this spring after incorporating more community feedback and to have the entire program up and running this summer.

Will this extra money impact taxes or benefits?

To minimize the likelihood that any benefits are impacted, Oakland Resilient Families plans to arrange for benefits counseling and ask the State of California for a waiver excluding the payments from benefit calculations. Because participants are not required to do anything in return for receiving the payments, the money is generally considered to be a gift from a non-profit organization and therefore is not considered to be taxable income. If individuals are concerned about the impact to their benefits, they should reach out to their benefits providers.

How is this funded and how much does it cost?

Oakland Resilient Families is 100% funded by philanthropic donations. To date we have raised $6.75 million, at least 80% of which will be distributed directly to families over the next 18 months.

How are families chosen and how will they apply?

Later this spring and summer, a multilingual online form will be released where families can answer a few questions to screen for eligibility. After that families are randomly selected to receive the cash payments.

Where will the families be located?

Any low-income family in Oakland is eligible to apply to be randomly selected to receive the money, however, half of the program is geographically targeted in deep East Oakland so many will be concentrated there. The other half of the families will be more widely dispersed throughout Oakland’s lowest-income neighborhoods and census tracts.
Is this the same thing as a Universal Basic Income (UBI)?

No. UBI is meant to go to everyone and provide enough of a payment to cover all basic needs, whereas a guaranteed income is meant to provide an income floor but not meant to be a replacement for wages and can also be targeted to those who most need it. UBI would provide everyone – regardless of income – with equal cash support (often instead of existing social benefits). Oakland Resilient Families is intended for low-income BIPOC families and therefore is by definition not “universal.” Additionally, a central research focus for this project is to determine how a guaranteed income can enhance and expand the existing social safety net rather than replace it.

Publications like the Los Angeles Times and The Daily Caller would do well to actually read the website before spouting off crap about a “blacks only” program that, in point of fact, does not exist. Right Wing Media is no excuse for putting out misinformation.

Stay tuned


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