Oakland Elections 2020 Rank Choice Voting Updated Results: Rebecca Kaplan Still Ahead

Oakland, FAD – Thanks to the County of Alameda’s Registrar of Voters, Zennie62Media has a table for each rank-choice-voting election in the races for Oakland City Council.

As the Alameda Registrar of Voters sends new updates, those will be posted below the first set for each race.

Here they are, starting with the Oakland City Council At-Large Seat pitting the incumbent Rebecca Kaplan vs. Derreck Johnson and Nancy Sidebotham.

Oakland City Council At-Large Seat Results

Oakland RCV At-Large Round One
Oakland RCV At-Large Round One Page One
Oakland RCV At-Large Round One - P2
Oakland RCV At-Large Round One – P2

NEW Photo:

RCV Oakland At Large Round 2
RCV Oakland At Large Round 2

Nancy Sidebotham’s 6,468 votes were transfered to Johnson and Kaplan, who gained 4,081 and 2,553, respectively.  That closes out the vote for that category.  Rebecca Kaplan is ahead in the Oakland City Council re-election race, 45,855 to 41,394, right now. If that holds Kaplan wins.  Kaplan has 52.56 percent over Johnson’s 49.72 percent.

This update was just released by the Registrar of Voters:

. Rebecca Kaplan 50,995 48.66 %
Derreck B. Johnson 44,170 42.14 %
Nancy Sidebotham 7,585 7.24 %
Write-in 2,056 1.96 %

That news caused Mr. Johnson to write this to his supporters:

Right now, we are within about 6.5 points of the incumbent, Rebecca Kaplan, and tens of thousands of ballots remain to be counted. In other words, this race is still too close to call. We will wait until every vote is counted. I remain optimistic about our chances in this race, as well as for the campaign of Joe Biden and my dear friend Kamala Harris. I believe that in a matter of days, if not hours, we will be referring to them as President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris.

And in this update as of Saturday, November 7th, Councilmember Kaplan is still ahead:

Rebecca Kaplan 67,138 48.90 %
Derreck B. Johnson 57,506 41.89 %
Nancy Sidebotham 9,949 7.25 %
Write-in 2,696 1.96 %
*Total number of Votes represents Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) First Choice Column only, please contact Registrar of Voters Office for complete RCV results.

Note, the Alameda County Registrar of Voters is really not presenting the right information. More on that, soon.

Time For Rebecca and Libby to Get Along

It’s time for both Rebecca and Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf to put aside their differences and get along. As for Derreck Johnson, the business man who gained a slew of major endorsements almost won. The reason he missed is specifically tied to the fact that he was advanced by Mayor Schaaf, and he’s not the first person she’s advanced specifically to take-out Councilmember Kaplan. Moreover, as I have said, Derreck Johnson had to, and has to, get up to speed on the City of Oakland governance. But, for all of that, he came extremely close to victory.

Kaplan survived a dual attack from Mayor Schaaf and from Lyft; both lost.

Stay tuned.

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