Oakland Crime News: Adams Point Resident Robbed At Gunpoint Monday Night

Oakland, CA – In Oakland Crime News, an Adams Point District resident was robbed At gunpoint Monday night September 16th 2019 at 9:20 PM PST. The report was posted on the Nextdoor news feed:

I was robbed at gunpoint at 9:20pm this evening on Lee Street at Van Buren while walking home. The guy had a handgun; he took my backpack and got that along with my wallet. I hesitated until he demanded it for a third time and since no one had came by decided it was time to give it up. Please let me know if anyone was a witness. I was told by the police that there have been a number of similar incidents in the past couple of weeks. I am sharing this with my neighborhood community so you can tell your friends and neighbors and we can all look out for one another.

Then, another Oakland Adams Point District resident followed up with this:

Do you have a detailed description of the robber, so neighbors can be on the lookout? Was there a getaway car waiting? Glad you’re ok. Things can be replaced. Thanks.

And this resident reported that a robbery happened at 245 Lee Street:


And this resident reported that they were robbed at gunpoint on Perkins:

I was robbed at gunpoint on Perkins with my boyfriend about a month ago. And a single male was robbed just minutes before us. Its actually pretty dark and can get surprisingly empty. Best to just avoid walking after dark altogether unfortunately (or don’t carry anything valuable with you)

Where’s Adams Point, Oakland, Anyway?

Wikipedia has this description:

Adams Point is a neighborhood of Oakland, California. It is located on the northern shore of Lake Merritt, directly adjacent to Downtown Oakland and the Grand Lake district. It is a triangle bounded by Grand Avenue on the south, Harrison Street on the northwest, and the MacArthur Freeway on the northeast. It lies at an elevation of 79 feet (24 m). Neighborhood landmarks include the Veteran’s Memorial Building, the Earl Warren House, the art deco Bellevue-Staten Building, Lakeside Park, one of Oakland’s larger parks, and Children’s Fairyland, which is in the park.

According to the LocalWiki for Oakland, Adams Point is ..

Adams Point is a neighborhood named for its former owner, Edson Adams, one of Oakland’s three founding landowners/squatters. Adams Point has experienced gentrification and has become an area full of young professionals, artists, and gnomes, creating a broad socio-economic mix. The area is very well served by a Whole Foods Market (on Vernon street – video) and an array of different restaurants and bars all along Grand Avenue.

Adams Point is a short walk or quick cycle from Lake Merritt, the Grand Lake Theater, and the 19th Street BART station.

Adams Point is a short walk or quick cycle from Lake Merritt, the Grand Lake Theater, and the 19th Street BART station. Still, it has its share of problems, particularly robberies and dumping, as this video reveals.

And the editor linked to what happened to be one of this vloggers over 6,000 (or maybe more like 10,000) Zennie62 on YouTube videos on Oakland:

Welcome to Oakland and Adams Point.

Stay tuned.

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