Oakland Couple Robbed At Gunpoint 10-8-2019 On Broadway And 29th

This is from Nextdoor – Adams Point. The names of the posters were not used for this blog entry.

Robbed at gunpoint around 1:30a.m. 10/8/2019 on Broadway and 29th

My boyfriend and I were walking home from Cafe Van Cleef (near Telegraph Ave and 16th in Uptown Oakland – added by author) around 1:30 am so technically it was the 8th. A young man rode up on to the street side of us from behind on his bicycle. He said “hey” and when we turned clocked a gun and told us to give him our phones. I asked him if I could give him twenty dollars and he said yes and then told us to give him our phones once again after I had dropped the money in front of him. We dropped our phones in front of him. He then told us to give him our keys and my bag. We dropped the keys and he took them. We told him that there were only books and a scarf in the bag. He did not ask for our wallets. He rode behind me, took a brief look into the bag and then rode off.

The young man was in his late teens or early twenties. He was a thin, lighter skinned African American about 5’6″ tall. He was wearing a dark grey hoodie pulled over his eyes and kept his face low so that it was hard to see. He was on a small bicycle, possibly a mini cruiser or BMX. We cannot remember the color of the bicycle. We believe that the gun was silver.

He was never very aggressive and kept the gun at his side the entire time, not pointed at us.

When speaking with the salesman at the TMobile store near the Grand Lake Theatre he gave us a similar description of a young man who frequently hangs out near and inside of the store.
. I have reported this information to the police.

Description of person involved – Hair: Unknown….underneath dark grey hoodie, Top: Dark grey hoodie, Age: 17-23, Build: around 5’6″ tall and thin, Race: African American – lighter skin, Sex: Male, Other details: Small bicycle, silver gun.

On the Broadway And 29th incident, Another Adams Point Resident added this:

That description sounds very similar to the guy who carjacked me at Harrison and Fairmount, just down the street from where you were attacked!! I’m so sorry you had to go through that but thank god he didn’t use that gun! Hugs.

And another added these wise words about the Oakland Broadway And 29th incident:

I’m so sorry that happened to you. Without photos of the young men that have been described so far, it could easily be argued that your description could match that of quite a few men who are frequently in the area and have nothing to do with what happened to you. I pray you’re able to recover what you’ve lost or replace it, and I hope your connection to the T Mobile salesman’s description doesn’t cause someone to be unfairly profiled.

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