Rebecca Kaplan Oakland City Council At-Large

Oakland Council President Rebecca Kaplan Challenges Lyft to Debate Her

OAKLAND, CA – Yesterday, October 5th, at 10:30AM Oakland City Councilmember at-large Rebecca Kaplan, held a press conference together with a coalition of leaders, to denounce the lies of billionaires who are trying to buy our elections – both in the City of Oakland, and throughout California. Large corporations, including Lyft and Uber, are spending big in this election, seeking to undermine our democracy, harm workers, and undermine our communities, while demanding sweetheart deals and special loopholes for themselves. In this upcoming November election, they are spending big, at the local level in Oakland and Statewide in California — where they also recently gave large sums to the State Republican Party.

Rebecca challenged them to “put their mouth where their money is” and debate her. Kaplan demanded they tell the voters directly why they think they should not pay their fair share for the roads and infrastructure they rely on every day.

Said Kaplan: “Locally they are demanding special treatment, tax loopholes, and monopoly power. The big money they are spending to attack me is less than the millions of dollars they could cost the people, if billionaires get to hurt workers and community. These huge corporations are trying to undermine our democracy, for California, and locally in Oakland.”

Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez added: “We can’t allow billionaire corporations to buy politicians and policies, either directly or indirectly. I’m standing up with Rebecca Kaplan because I know she will stand with regular folks against corporate greed. She’s already proven that, and that’s why they are targeting her.”

Gary Jimenez, Vice President of SEIU 1021 stated: “We are living in uncertain times and working families remain under attack. We cannot let large corporations continue to dump tons of money into our elections supporting anti worker politicians. I support Kaplan who supports working families.”

Sam Davis, Candidate for Oakland Unified School District Board said of this overreach, “We’ve seen how the huge expenditures by billionaires in our Oakland school board elections have corroded our democratic process, and we need to take a stand and say this stops here and now. Only by building a truly grassroots campaign, with thousands of voices, can we drown out the money megaphone that we are up against. I support Rebecca because she stands with our teachers and students.”

And Art Pulaski, CA Labor Federation Executive Officer, said: ““Oakland voters aren’t going to stand for Lyft’s brazen attempt to strip workers of basic rights, smear a champion of working people and buy elections.”

Randy Shaw, journalist and housing advocate, sent: “A company spending tens of millions of dollars to deprive workers of benefits via Prop 22 is now targeting a councilmember who has fought for increased affordability in Oakland. Prop 22 would make Oakland’s housing crisis much worse.”

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