Oakland City Council Meeting For Tuesday February 5th To Start At 5 PM Says Kaplan

City of Oakland
(Last Updated On: February 5, 2019)

Oakland, CA – Today, Tuesday February 5th, the meeting will begin at 5:00pm. (Link to Agenda). This will be the second meeting overseen by new President , and she is keeping to her promise to limit ceremonial items on the agenda, and holding council members to time limits for comments. The earlier start time is to accommodate the ceremonial item, and keep the regular council agenda on time.

Said President Kaplan: “It is important to allow for the business of the Council to be done in a timely manner. Our community members have many obligations, and also the right to participate in the public meetings of the City Council. By limiting ceremonial items, having time limits for Council comments and presentations, and, adjusting the start time, we can more fully honor and respect public involvement, and improve coherence of our meetings and our decision-making.”

There are important issues facing Oakland’s government, including adopting a budget in the coming months. In addition, President Kaplan is working to strengthen Oakland’s response to removing blight, housing the unsheltered, supporting local jobs, and assuring everyone is treated with the dignity and respect.

Rebecca Kaplan

By Rebecca Kaplan

Rebecca Kaplan is Oakland's 3-Term At-Large Councilmember


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