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Oakland Carjacking Incident Report Blog: Account Of Carjacking At Gunpoint June 25th 2021

In the wake of the Oakland City Council’s decision to rip $18 million from the Oakland Police Department Budget just when we have our first Black Police Chief in almost a generation, I have decided to openly post reports of criminal acts that would never see the mainstream media. Some of these will be from Facebook, others from Nextdoor, and if they pop-up, YouTube and Twitter.

Carjacking at gunpoint (from Nextdoor, name withheld).

I was walking from work, a kid’s home as I provide in home services to kids who have autism, and walked to my car that I had parked on E. 22nd St. . After getting in the car, I turned it on and checked my phone for emails. That’s when my door was swung open and I was pistol whipped on the head. “Get out” he told me with a handgun pointed right at my head between the eyes. I bolted out of there but had briefly seen that he was with two other guys with. All three were black with hoodies, the one with the gun had no face mask and looked young and thin. All three got into my car and drove off, taking a left at Mitchel St.

Then I sat and called the police, crying and in despair as I depend on my car for work.
Police were called and took note of the vehicle plates and stuff. I am glad that I escaped unscathed for it definitely could have gone worse. Occurred on 6/24/21 Thursday around 4:50pm. Yes in broad daylight.

I have reported this information to the police.

Description of person involved �� Hair: Covered by hood, Top: Hoodie with a white decal of sorts, Age: twenties or younger, Build: Thin, Ethnicity: African American, Sex: Male, Other details: Hoodie had a white decal of sorts

Description of vehicle involved – Colour: Silver, Make: Toyota, Model: Prius C, Year: 2018, Type: Hatchback, Other details: Small car that is a hybrid, has a front plate with a black border that says “Fremont Toyota” and that black border is badly damaged and flaying. In my trunk were lots of Minecraft/Sonic/Mario toys alongside a whole bunch of board games for kids and adults.
2780-2790 East 22nd Street, Oakland, CA

Some of the comments, below:

PLEASE, PLEASE…lock your car immediately when you close the door.

I am so sorry that this happened to you. The crime is just off the hook. May they get what’s coming to them and may you get your car back.

What I liked about my Prius was the keyless ignition, just having the key in my pocket would allow me to press the ignition button . If I got out and the car was turned off it could not be turned on again without a key. So getting out of the car would be a good thing , when they turn it off it would make it tough for them to go anywhere in the car. Sorry this happened.

Carjacking crimes are personal ones and are up 115 percent in Oakland. What can one do? One would think cars with bullerproof windshields would be a good first start. But also it should be easier for drivers to get a weapons permit. These reports are far too frequent and random. That happened to a person I know in Berkeley last year. When does it stop?

Stay tuned.

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