Oakland Cannabis Delivery Flowsent Information Page Featuring Laura Ehlen

Oakland Cannabis Delivery By Flowsent Promoed By Female Bodybuilder Laura EhlenBy Flowsent Promoed By Female Bodybuilder

Oakland Cannabis Delivery Flowsent Information Page Featuring Laura Ehlen

Zennie62Media was commissioned to tell you about the amazing Flowsent Oakland Cannibus Delivery Service, and why you should call them for your cannabis needs in the Oakland and the East Bay.

First, because Flowsent buys its product direct from the farms and concentrate extractors in volume, they have what they refer to as “Costco Prices.” Flowsent has its own licenses, delivery cars and fulfillment center.

Second, because Flowsent delivers in a service area that covers Oakland, Berkeley, Emeryville, San Leandro, the major cities and towns of Contra Costa County, and the Southest Bay Area, marked by Fremont.

And payments for Flowsent orders can be accepted at delivery with cash.

So, go call Flowsent for your cannibus needs. The number is 510-545-4633 or email Flowsent at hello@flowsent.com

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