Oakland Adams Point Man Assaulted Monday Evening Sept 23 2019

An Oakland Adams Point resident posted this message posted just over one hour ago on Nextdoor:

I was assaulted / mugged on the corner of Palm and Euclid (in Oakland Adams Point) yesterday around 6:30pm. I noticed a man in a hoodie follow me up Staten then Bellevue, tried to cross the street several times but he continued to follow me – I was one block from my apartment when he approached me and said he had a gun and to drop my phone. I brushed him off as I didn’t see a gun (he had his hand inside his hoodie as if he did) but nobody was around so he grabbed my backpack and threw me to the ground. He kicked my head in a few times, at that point I yelled for help and people started yelling from their windows and came to help. He ran off and got into a getaway car that had apparently been waiting down the block. Someone got a photo of the car and plates and the police said they had just committed a robbery on grand 10 minutes prior.
Luckily I’m walking away with a few bruises and broken toe. Thank you to all the neighbors who responded and the lady who brought me some ice! Please be safe while walking around and don’t be scared to yell for help. He only approached me when there was nobody else on the street and no cars passing by.

The report caused one Oakland Adams Point Resident to call for 24-hour security patrols:

I’m sorry this happened to you.

$15/per year per Adams Point resident to have a 24 hour security patrol.

We have 2 factors playing into the crime.

1. People targeting this neighborhood because they know people here work and have things to steal. Its close enough to the highway to get away quickly. I see people posting up, watching the neighborhood. But i cant call the cops because its not illegal and theyre not actually doing anything.

2. We’re close enough to downtown that when encampments are broken up, the homeless come through and close enough for crackheads to wander through for smash and grabs.

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