Jumoke Hinton Hodge OUSD Director Statement On Friday’s Choking Incident

Note: Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) Board Member Jumoke Hinton Hodge graciously provided Zennie62Media her entire statement. Given that it’s in her name, Zennie62Media policy is to make a new account and post reflecting that person’s words, and not ours as much as possible – whereas some other publications ran a part of her statement. You can review what led to Hinton Hodge’s statement at this link Oakland News Now “OUSD Board’s Jumoke Hinton Hodge Chokes Oakland Teacher In Skirmish”. And Ms. Hinton Hodge should feel free to enter future blog posts on any subject in this space in the future.

March 2,2019
To: The Oakland Community
From: Jumoke Hinton Hodge, Director

My Statement on Friday’s deeply disturbing incident.

I care deeply about Oakland children, their families and the teachers that nurture them in our schools. And I value our communities long struggle for more just and fair public school systems. Please accept this statement regarding Friday events.

Yesterday, as the members of the Oakland School Board were preparing for our meeting, a large number of demonstrators engaged in a series of activities that physically threatened us as board members and me in particular. They chained the doors of the board room, trapping some inside and keeping some out. I was directed by school district police to go through a specified door. When I did, the protest became chaotic and dangerous, with some protesters pushing forward, some blocking doors, and some putting hands on me. I was pushed to the ground, briefly disoriented, and tried to get back up.

In doing so, I realized I was inadvertently pushing up against a teacher’s neck.

I would never have intentionally touched another person (or a sister) in that way. And I regret any harm that I might have caused her. I am deeply troubled by this and when realizing afterwards who it was, I offer my sincerest apology to Ms. Wright (Darnisha Wright). I acted out of fear and self-defense, and would never seek to hurt anyone, least of all a teacher.

In view of the entire incident, I remain deeply concerned about the threat to me and my colleagues as public servants. I am a deep believer and practitioner of nonviolent protest. What happened yesterday was not that. It was terrifying, unacceptable, and has no place in our civil discourse, especially on a day when we should be celebrating an agreement that will end a strike and offer our teachers something closer to what they deserve.

I deeply apologize to Ms. Wright and know her to be a dedicated teacher. I hope she and I can find a way to restore any harm that has been done.

Respectfully, Jumoke Hinton Hodge


Oakland Unified School District Board Member, District 3

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