Nayeli Maxson Has Support From Oakland City Council District 4 Neighborhood Leaders

Nayeli Maxson, District 4 City Council Candidate, has long standing relationships with Oakland’s district 4 community leaders. She earned those partnerships from her years of work in Oakland as a proven problem solver, both in the district as Community Liaison for the city council office and in her current role as CEO of Alliance for Community Development. Nayeli is the only candidate who has worked in the District 4 council office, giving her knowledge of what works and what doesn’t.  Her practical, collaborative, solutions-driven approach is what makes her stand out and is one of the many reasons she has the endorsements of many community leaders.

Throughout this campaign, countless local leaders have been excited to endorse a candidate with the tenacity to solve problems and create long lasting solutions.

Stan Weisner, an active member of local and city-wide organizations, is a strong supporter for Nayeli Maxson to become our next D4 Councilmember because, “Nayeli knows our neighborhoods and community issues inside out. She followed through on many issues of local concern whether it involved fire prevention, housing issues, undergrounding efforts, filling potholes or gaps in public safety. Nayeli has shown that she is able to both listen to neighborhood leaders and create community-driven solutions.”

Preston Turner, chair of the Melrose High Hopes Community Group describes that “Nayeli will represent all of District 4 from the Hills to the Flats, she’s ready to tackle some of Oakland’s biggest problems including homelessness, the housing crisis, illegal dumping and economic development.”

Robbie Neely, Executive Director for the Piedmont Pines Neighborhood Association describes why she supports Nayeli for city council,  “I really like Nayeli’s data-driven, collaborative, cross-neighborhood style. While assigned as Annie [Campbells]’s liaison to Montclair and Piedmont Pines Neighborhood Association, Nayeli was very effective in identifying people on city staff who could think outside the box to get things done. She knows how to forge win-win solutions.”

Jennifer Joey Smith, former Dimond Improvement Association Co-Chair and District 4 resident, “My favorite thing about Nayeli is that she is so absolutely accessible and approachable. She is diplomatic, kind and well-educated and very in-touch with what is happening in the very diverse District 4.”

Daniel Swafford, Executive Director, Montclair Village Association*, Laurel District Association, “In my work with the business districts and neighborhood organizations of District 4 having a responsive City government is invaluable. Nayeli has proven to be engaged, and most importantly, effective in working to get results for our neighborhoods and our small businesses. Nayeli’s conviction and character is exactly what our city and our district needs!”

Sue Piper, President of the Oakland Firesafe Council; former Chair of the Wildfire Prevention Assessment, “I met Nayeli when I chaired the Wildfire Prevention Assessment district advisory board, and I found her to be not only knowledgeable but very responsive and that is a trait we all want in our district officials. As the former council aid to montclair, Nayeli knows not only our issues, our communities, but also city hall so she can hit the ground running when she is elected.”

Ivan Garcia, Oakland Youth Commissioner and Head Royce Sophomore,“In addition to being a strong leader in her community, Nayeli has made it her mission to uplift the voices of marginalized communities and young people which are often overlooked. She understands that young people are the future, and that we must work together to create a larger impact”

If elected, Nayeli is ready to move stalled projects forward, including establishing systems to mitigate the impact of nearby schools on traffic and safety. Partnering with local entrepreneurs and organizations to scale cost-effective, immediate solutions to our housing crisis. Passing and implementing a community-advised vegetation management plan. Securing final investment and breaking ground on the Antioch Court project. Systematically filling potholes and improving walkways with transparent data, and many more.

Creating a city council that functions is like a team will require strong partnerships within neighborhood leaders and collaborative relationships with local community organizations and city staff, all skills that Nayeli will bring to city council.

To learn more about Nayeli, please visit her website at




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