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Middleton, Rodriguez And Whitaker Endorse Each Other For Oakland City Council, District 6

(Last Updated On: December 29, 2018)

OAKLAND – Natasha Middleton, Marlo Rodriguez and Mya Whitaker issued the following joint statement regarding their endorsements for District 6 Councilmember:

We are united in our commitment to fundamental change in Oakland on critical issues from housing and homelessness, to jobs and economic development, to neighborhood safety, and more.

We are united in our belief that District 6 residents need a change in leadership at City Hall. It’s time for a new District 6 councilmember.

And we are united in our confidence that each of us is qualified to serve and would best represent the district on the issues that matter most to District 6 residents.

That’s why we are endorsing each other for Oakland City Council, District 6.

Women of color need to be at the forefront of shaping the decisions that impact so many of us. At a time where so many of our voices continue to be marginalized, we must pave the way in uplifting, healing, and empowering our community.

City council elections in Oakland use ranked choice voting, in which voters may cast their votes for up to three candidates in each race. We are standing together, respectfully asking District 6 voters to cast all three of their votes for the three of us.

Yes, we are opponents. Yes, each of us wants to be the next councilmember. But today, we are putting our own ambitions aside for the greater good of Oakland and District 6.

Our message to District 6 voters: Cast your three votes for the three of us. Thank you.

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