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Mayor Of Oakland Part Of The Problem, Must Accept Responsibility – Phil Tagami Files

Oakland – I cannot get over the fact the Mayor or her “handlers”, in her recent letter to supporters, attempted to coop the whole series of recent events Protests to dancing in the streets as if she guided, orchestrated them all and should be embraced as a unifier and praised for it. What was well intended communication missing the mark even the best writer could not spin the truth. 72 hours of Looting, mayhem, property destruction, and death. Remember, “Oakland is always here for your safe space to protest” cue tear gas and broken glass…

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf Says “we Must Fight American Tragedy Of Racism”
Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf Says “we Must Fight American Tragedy Of Racism”

I know the Mayor well enough to know she does not intend harm, and well enough to know she is not willing or able to take responsibility. Her use of the word “fuck” at yesterday’s presser would have been refreshing but it was scripted & planned in advance, Her on camera apology the dead giveaway.

Her pledge to help small business falls short, as the system she has put in place is a labyrinth of numbers to call that are Kafkaesque hallways that lead to nothing but frustration and wasted time for small business owners who are still on the canvas from COVID-19 and a SIP with no end in sight.

I truly believe her administration has wandered off of the righteous path, virtue signaling and going where the wind blows and is starting to build a track record that history will record as one of deception;

• The soda tax
• Measure AA
• Removing Oakland representation from BAAQMD,
• Revolving door of police chiefs,
• Saying Oakland had a shovel ready fully financed option for the Raiders…when we all know this not to be true.
• Sure, the warriors won NBA titles, she rode the snail car, and even has the ring to show for it then they left the town…

This Mayor got to preside over the best economy Oakland has ever seen. But where did the budget surplus go year after year? Did she advance local hire, reentry programs?

We did get bike friendly streets…she has worked on transitional housing, regional frame work for addressing homelessness and closing the digital divide.

I think she wanted to do good. I have supported many of her actions and want to believe in Oakland.
Our politicians are not above the law and need to embrace humility of the current situation and not have a voice. It is time for that class to listen!

No more words of your faith. Just show us action, deeds, and good works. Politics is an unforgiving system that will not relent.

I pray for her and our city, I hope she and others just admit that without each other, the collaboration of the city council, our leaders in a multitude of movements, our city goes nowhere. No one is perfect, she is no exception and should not be solely to blame, we all need to shoulder responsibility and do our part.

Has the systematic destruction of local media has failed us by pushing the narrative that suits their agenda and not calling balls and strikes, failing to report facts.

This letter is part of my healing process perhaps it is selfish, but for the wound to heal the venom must be drawn from the bite.

This is from Phil Tagami’s Facebook page entry of Saturday, June 6th, 2020

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