Marshawn Lynch Promos Electric Skateboard Scooters Invading Oakland

Marshawn Lynch. Man, you too in Oakland with the electric scooters? Dang. (Wonder if he’s bringing them to the Oakland Raiders games?)

Ok, what’s going on is Oakland’s under siege and takeover by these dogon electric scooters that look like someone slapped some handlebars on a skateboard. Well, that’s what it looks like.

But what’s got me in a lather about the things is that some times, while walking down the street in Adams Point, I’ll walk by one of the electric scooters just sitting in the street, you know? Or on the sidewalk.

The first time I saw one of these things, I almost tripped over it. Then, I thought why would someone just leave a cool, high tech, electric scooter on the sidewalk? I figured if ti was easy to steal in Oakland, it would not have been there. But, seriously folks – those things are all over the place.

And now I know who to blame.

Oakland Raiders Running Back Marshawn Lynch. Yeah. Beast Mode.

Look at what’s hanging out in front of his Beast Mode store on Broadway in Downtown Oakland…

More of those things, these ‘Skateboard Scooters,’ or whatever they are. And I don’t know the brand name, so if you do, chime in. Or email me at

Thanks and stay tuned.

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