Marilyn Monroe And Ella Fitzgerald At The Mocambo – Marilyn Dated A Black Man

Marilyn Monroe And Ella Fitzgerald At The Mocambo – Marilyn Dated A Black Man

Marilyn Monroe And Ella Fitzgerald At The Mocambo – Marilyn Dated A Black Man

ONN – Marilyn Monroe And Ella Fitzgerald At The Mocambo Marilyn Dated A Black Man – Hollywood history

Hey everyone this short video-blog from Zennie62 on YouTube April 10th, 2012, starts on Facebook and a photograph I saw on the timeline of Marilyn Monroe and Ella Fitzgerald, and not seen until recently. So I started reading the explanation that came along with it, and it turned out that Maryland loved Ella’s singing and lobbied to have her be a regular at a West Hollywood club called Mocambo in the 1950s.

So, in looking for more information about the relationship between Ella and Marilyn Monroe, I found the reference in the comment section to a black guy that you know Marilyn dated, according to the commenter, and said that this person was her being Marilyn Monroe.

William Travilla And Monroe
William Travilla And Monroe (Photo courtesy

So I did some more digging and discovered that there was a man named William Travilla who was a fashion designer and a photographer and a friend of Marilyn Monroe’s and worked with her studio. To make a long story short, they went to a black club, they were photographed with this man in this photograph – but the commenter said that Marilyn had dated a black man who was a seat mate of hers at a class at UCLA.

Well, Marilyn Monroe took a art class at UCLA Renaissance art class in 1951, so it was really 1950. Whether she was in this class not the 40s at all. Then, the commenter mentioned that there was a man that she supposedly dated, and who went on to become the first black Postmaster General in California that person is actually a man by the name of Leslie N. Shaw who passed away in 1985.

So, is Leslie N. Shaw the same person in this photograph, or it seems like Marilyn had maybe more than one African American friend boyfriend she was dating? Whatever the case, the studio’s didn’t want this kind of time didn’t want this kind of information getting out about Marilyn Monroe, but thanks to digital media and the release of new information about Marilyn Monroe, we’re getting a different photograph, a different picture, a different image of who Marilyn really was: one that is far afield from the one that was given to us and has been given to us for so many decades.

If anyone knows the name or the gentleman in this photograph please offer follow-up let me know.

Stay tuned

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