Man Loudly Enjoys Kichi Grill Food At Westfield Mall San Francisco

Oakland News Now – Man Loudly Enjoys Kichi Grill Food At Westfield Mall San Francisco

This all started as the man in the video went to Kichi Grill to order a Spicy Tuna Roll, and another side dish. The reason I know that is I was ordering a Teriyaki Boll, when I and the order-taker were startled by the sound of a man at the end of the counter screaming his pleasure over just receiving his food!

I said to the order-taker “You should put that on video! It promotes the business!” But, like so many people today, the man didn’t want to do anything more than just his job. That said, we talked about how happy the Loud Man was to get his food! I thought it was funny.

And, the Loud Man went to a table, and never stopped talking to himself and making weird sounds. Here’s the first video I made of Loud Man being, well, loud:

Personally, I got a kick out of Loud Man, but as the video shows, Westfield Mall San Francisco Security didn’t. It’s a sad statement on today’s society that someone who’s a little off can’t be, well, a little off. I grew up with people younger people may regard as crazy, like the number of people who would hang out at Sather Gate when I was a grad student at Cal. We all knew they were harmless, and for a most part, they were.

The Loud Man at Westfield Mall San Francisco was harmless – then security arrived, and he didn’t like it one bit.

“Why you in my face, Man?!” Loud Man looked like he was challenging the five security guys to a fight, but fortunately it never came to that. I’d have left him alone. He wasn’t bothering anyone and could have been a great marketing device for Kichi Grill.

Oh, well.

Stay tuned.

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