Looks Like Oakland Lake Merritt Racists From Nextdoor Have Migrated To Facebook

Looks Like Oakland Lake Merritt Racists From Nextdoor Have Migrated To Facebook


ONN – Looks Like Oakland Lake Merritt Racists From Nextdoor Have Migrated To Facebook – vlog by Zennie62 YouTube

Looks Like Oakland Lake Merritt Racists From Nextdoor Have Migrated To Facebook

Yep. The Oakland racists have flocked to Facebook from Nextdoor. The common description of this particular breed of insufferable character, at least for me, is as follows:

1) Aren’t a Facebook friend of mine.
2) Are white 90 percent of the time, or in my case, 13 Facebook account holders, all blocked,
3) Always take issue with the classic subjects that have divided Oakland racially, like band playing or black vendors at Lake Merritt.
4) Only want to see news articles that fit their prejudices, otherwise, they say “it’s not journalism”. In other words, they want fake objectivity that fits their biases. They might as well be Trump supporters, from my perspective. In one Facebook Group, a woman openly wrote that she did not want to read a “black view” of the event where the Mayor brought an estimated 200 Oakland school parents, predominantly white, to Lake Merritt. I blocked her. I asked famed Hip Hop journalist and friend Davey D if I could share his observations with the Oakland News Now audience. Davey and the relatively few black folks witnessing the political error in action by the Mayor, also noted that the reporters from the white-owned media publications the Oakland City Council favors did not talk to the few African Americans present.
5) Want to hold say over Oakland landmarks they subconsciously see as only for white people, like The Alley Cat Bar, where I’ve been a regular since 1997 – longer than all of the racists I’m referring to. Thus, calling “The Alley” the “Alley Cat Bar”, as I do for search engine optimization purposes, sends them to the moon. Not stopping me, one bit.
6) Allow a white-owned news publication like KQED to post a press release from the City of Oakland or the Oakland Unified School District on their platform, but go ape if I (or my colleagues) do it on my news platform Oakland News Now. In other words, how dare black-owned Zennie62Media Oakland News Now does what the white publications do, only better! That’s how they act.

What’s particularly sad about those Oakland racists is their constant tagging me and hostile comments toward me. Words written that seem to beg for a mean response in return. These miserable folks have no love, goodness, or God in their hearts – just darkness and despair. That’s the way they present themselves to me.

And the funniest part of all of this is they have the nerve to tell me they’re not racist. And I’m black, and this is in the middle of what’s supposed to be a national reckoning on race, post George Floyd.

What a joke. You can’t have a “national reckoning on race” when some white people not only can’t but refuse to hear you, as a black person, tell them they’re being racist. But, that’s not going to stop me from saying it, one freaking bit.

For decades, I have experienced the Bay Area’s psydo-intellectual, holier-than-thou, baseless form of subtle-put-down racism with a smile. But, guess what? I’m sick and tired of smiling, and I’m sick and tired of racists. I’m fighting back in the best way I know how. It’s the only technical, I’m-smarter-than-you-because-you’re-suffering-from-the-mental-illness-of-racism, way I know. My way is to build something you can do nothing about and others love: The Zennie62Media Network. My media startup. News the Zennie62Media way, by my vloggers and me.

Boo-hoo for you. Yeah, for Oakland and America and The World.

I’m the black guy you can’t stand. The one who’s in the press line with “Zennie62Media” on a paper at his feet, marking his place as he asks a famous actor a question at an Oscar Party in Beverly Hills.

I’m the black guy at CES Las Vegas. Or the NFL Draft. Or the one who’s publication or vlogs pop up with so much frequency you’re left with two choices: ignore it or respond to it.

I am the guy you tried to call the N-word only to realize CBS News and Ad Age joined me in telling YouTube to install a word filter so I could block folks like you. And how dare you make fake accounts and do that.

I have won at every turn. And I will not stop winning.

Stay tuned,


Note from Zennie62Media’s Zennie62 YouTube and Oakland News Now Today Blog SF Bay Area: this video-blog post demonstrates the full and live operation of the latest updated version of an experimental Zennie62Media , Inc. mobile media video-blogging system network that was launched June 2018. This is a major part of Zennie62Media , Inc.’s new and innovative approach to the production of news media. What we call “The Third Wave of Media”. The uploaded video is from a vlogger with the Zennie62 on YouTube Partner Channel, then uploaded to and formatted automatically at the Oakland News Now site and Zennie62-created and owned social media pages. The overall objective is smartphone-enabled, real-time, on the scene reporting of news, interviews, observations, and happenings anywhere in the World and within seconds and not hours. Now, news is reported with a smartphone: no heavy and expensive cameras or even a laptop are necessary. The secondary objective is faster, and very inexpensive media content news production and distribution. We have found there is a disconnect between post length and time to product and revenue generated. With this, the problem is far less, though by no means solved. Zennie62Media is constantly working to improve the system network coding and seeks interested content and media technology partners.

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