Lindsey Vonn Hot Legs Basic Instinct Dress For David Letterman Interview In 2011

Lindsey Vonn Hot Legs Basic Instinct Dress For David Letterman Interview In 2011
(Last Updated On: April 16, 2020)

Lindsey Vonn Hot Legs Basic Instinct Dress For David Letterman Interview In 2011

ONN – Lindsey Vonn Hot Legs Basic Instinct Dress For David Letterman Interview In 2011

Lindsey Vonn and her hot legs appeared on “The Late Show With David Letterman” on December 22, 2011, minus Rod Stewart’s famous song. The classic interview, where The Hollywood Reporter observered the skiing start “was hot to trot in a red satin form-fitting dress”, helped put Vonn on the pop-culture map with Rod Stewart, Julie Bowen, and Eva Longoria. The difference is Vonn is one of the “girls who lift.”

While Lindsey, (full name: Lindsey Caroline Kildow Vonn) who’s now engaged to be married to NHL Hockey Star PK Subban, managed to avoid any talk about then NFL-star Tim Tebow, she did give Letterman a lesson on the basic terms associated with her sport. (And later complained that she felt Letterman was putting down her work). Vonn also caused a stir showing hot legs – the common tactic to help gain ratings for late night talk shows at the time.

In an effort to gain attention, ratings for Letterman, and to draw more brand value, Vonn went on the David Letterman Show in a slit dress, unaffraid to show her hot legs, and most notably athletic thighs. The interview made history for its references to the movie “Basic Instinct”, with Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas.

Then, Vonn, felt the need to explain why she would do something like show her legs. USA Today wrote that she said “In the worst phases of my depression and the period before my divorce, I was almost addicted to people liking me, but the more I feel confident in myself, the less it matters to me what other people think about me. There were times when I was addicted to attention.”

Today, Vonn is enjoying almost-married life with PK Subban, and with the other sports star has a live stream show. She’s also reportedly put her Southern California home on the market for sale, at $3 million.

But, to close: in this ger’s view, we all like attention – even when we say we don’t.

Stay tuned.

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