Let Zennie62Media Tell Your Story

Let’s face it. Media today’s a rough landscape of publishers large, small, and micro. Some will talk about you. Others will tell your story. And still others may only microblog you – we call it tweeting on Twitter.

And many others may completely ignore you.

And then there’s the person who calls themselves a “journalist”, implying impartiality, but all the while holding an axe to grind – against you, and you didn’t even know it.

Today, “fair and balanced” often means “Let’s get people to say bad stuff about you, that’s not true.”

So what do you do if you need an organization that will tell your story via blogs and video-blogs, and build many online platforms about you in the process? What do you do if you need someone who will be your story-telling watchdog?

Call Zennie62Media.

Zennie62Media will fight for you, day and night. We compete against organizations like Hearst Media Services, and Buzz Feed. And our proprietary content creation process gets results faster. Visit our website at Zennie62Media.net

Want to advertise on Oakland News Now? It’s part of the Zennie62Media network!

Oakland News Now is already breaking news and serving the Oakland, California, United States, and World communities. The average visitor stays on Oakland News Now for over 4 minutes!

Oakland News Now content is picked up by our two blog aggregators, Zennie62.com and Oakland News Online, Oakland’s only blog aggregator.

Thus, rather than your ad going to one blog, our ad deal with you covers three primary blogs in our 98 blog system. It can also be expanded to include the popular Zennie62 on YouTube channel and our social media networks.

Yes, Zennie62Media owns Oakland’s first blog, Oakland Focus, Oakland’s only active blog aggregator Oakland News Online, and the legendary Zennie62.com, which has a popular Oakland section.

And don’t forget Zennie62 on YouTube, Oakland’s most popular YouTube channel and its first YouTube Partner Channel (2008), and The Zennie62 Livestream Show, and Zennie62 on Twitter. One Zennie62 tweet produces 140,000 impressions; 100 tweets produces 14 million impressions.

Advertise with Zennie62Media, and you’ll get the best cross-platform exposure, and a variety of approaches to get the word out about your product, service, or establishment. Zennie62Media is on the White House Press List and regularly covers the business of the Oakland Raiders and the National Football League.

Zennie62Media is better than a newspaper and more effective than a standard TV commercial.

Contact Zennie Abraham of Zennie62Media, here: [email protected]


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