Laura Ehlen Charleston’s New Female Bodybuilder, Instagram Fitness Model

Laura Ehlen Charleston’s New Female Bodybuilder, Instagram Fitness Model


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Charleston, SC – Laura Ehlen is Charleston South Carolina’s Newest Female Bodybuilder And Instagram Fitness Model

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UPDATE: Laura Ehlen Female Bodybuilder Interview After Las Vegas NPC 2019 FBB Contest

There’s a new and up-and-coming star female bodybuilder and fitness model in Charleston, South Carolina. In of all of the Lowcountry Charleston, South Carolina population, she’s gaining attention.

Her name’s Laura Ehlen and under the direction of her coaches, the Lowcountry bodybuilder made dramatic improvements to her already impressive biceps, legs, and body. But what was it that started Laura on this journey to what will be her third female bodybuilding contest?

Laura said “Team OPC. I’ve always had fitness in my life. I grew up playing sports and playing outside. As I grew older I found I performed best when I worked against myself because I could push hard. I played team sports but was also more concerned about letting my teammates down than pushing myself and therefore was shy and not too confident in my abilities because I was focused on the wrong aspect.”

Laura Ehlen Wanted To Be A Female Bodybuilder After College

Laura continued “Regardless, I was always a good performer but didn’t reach my full potential because of that ‘people pleaser’ mentality. After I worked at a gym for a while after college, I met competitors and it made me VERY curious about the sport.”

“I had always been someone who had no limits when it came to pushing myself for endurance or strength. I ran 7 or 8 marathons and played a wide variety of sports, but none of them gave me the challenge I was looking for. I was looking for a mental and physical challenge.”

Laura Ehlen’s played sports like Rugby, but “Bodybuilding seemed like it might be that for me given all of the conversations I had had with competitors. So, I began my journey and quickly realized this was the perfect balance of push and mental toughness,” she said.

With over 14,000 followers, the wildlife biologist and figure competitor is one of the more popular fitness models on Instagram. You can follow Laura on her path toward future female bodybuilding competitions on her Instagram page:

Laura’s one of a large and growing list of women in what was once a male-dominated sport. Give her your support!

Laura Ehlen’s Bodybuilder Work Progresses Toward Las Vegas

The newly relocated Lowcountry female bodybuilder is showing amazing progress. The photo below was posted on July 2nd on Instagram, as she writes: “That prep look of tired, hungry, and completely undone. Didn’t even put my contacts in cuz I was too lazy.”

That last part’s hard to believe, but I digress. Here’s the photo:

How To Support Laura’s Female Bodybuilding Work Effort

Now, you can support Laura’s competitive female bodybuilding budget expenses, from food, to contest entry fees, travel, etc.

Just use Paypal, where Laura’s special link is here:

Stay tuned.

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